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Gloria's in Culver City

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My wife and I ate at Gloria's tonight. It's located in a particularly dreary looking strip mall on Venice Blvd in Culver City...but the food is great. Years ago, Gloria 's used to operate from a popular purple stand near Olympic & Bundy in W LA. She cooks food as if she were cooking at home to feed her family. The tamales (particularly the green corn and the pepper/cheese) are the best I've ever had. And the incredibly tender pork in a tangy/spicy red sauce is superb. Fajitas are terrific. Gloria's sons are usually working at the restaurant, too, and dining there always has a warm, friendly family feeling. Prices are VERY reasonable...in the $8-15 range for pretty much every diner.

Gloria's Mexican and Salvadoran food
10227 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034-5902
(310) 838-0963

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  1. I agree that Gloria's is an undisputed treasure.She puts her heart and soul into her cooking and loves her customers. It was a true loss to the Olympic/Barrington area when a greedly landlord uprooted her. I'm pleased to know that she is finding success in CC. Worth a trip from my Brentwood area to go to Gloria's for that great food and the warm, friendly welcome. Gloria's has been a winner for years.

    1. I love Gloria's too. Fresh hot pupusas always make me happy.

      1. Thank you so much for your review. I, too, ate at Gloria's purple stand, 18 or so years ago while taking the bar exam review course and many weekend mornings thereafter. My husband and I were broken hearted when her stand (by then upgraded to a little sit down restaurant) was demolished. Loved her breakfast burritos, that we watched her cook on her coffee maker burners. I asked in the past on this board if it was the same Gloria's and never got a response. Can't wait to go.. Are her sons still working with her ?

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          Yes, Rene and Carlos are still there...great guys.

        2. Gloria also makes an absolutely killer seafood cocktail. Pefectly cooked shrimp, octopus and scallops in a rich sauce garnished with advocado slices and cilantro. Oh my god, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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            the seafood cocktail is certainly good, and it is a good value for the money, but imho, it is not killer.
            the ceviche at puro sabor in the valley is killer, the Gloria's seafood cocktail, though, is just very tasty and a good value.

            the chips, though, at Gloria's, to me ARE killer. they are thick enough and crisp and are NOT greasy to the touch.

          2. Went to Gloria's tonight based on these recommendations. It was indeed very good. Lots of food. I had the Plato Tipico. Yum.

            1. I love this place! You have to try the camarones al mojo de ajo, if you like garlic. They're the best version of this dish I've ever had.

              1. I thought those Salvadorean tamales were good, but possibly only because they were new and diffferent to me. But the rice and beans tasted--well, old. Like they've been sitting around too long.

                1. i go as often as i can, which isn't often enough. good to see she's represented on the board and that other's appreciate her cooking as much as i do. i pretty much rely on her cosido to get me through any dreary days (, and the shrimp mojo de ajo is really the best i've had. fried chicken is weirdly good too. she's a queen of the kitchen and you can taste the care in the food. i bring large parties in there and if her son? is taking our order, he'll do it without writing anything down and get every order spot on (i'm talking about parties of 12 and more). gloria is the same way. the setting is decidedly not fancy but once you're inside, see the smiles, and taste the food - who cares?

                  highly recommended - an LA treasure.

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                    Great place. Have recommended it (or chimed in on others recommendations) a number of times. Love the Carne Adobada as well as the Salvadoran specialties. Seems to fly under the radar much of the time for some reason. And, while as you say it is not fancy, it is certainly clean and comfortable inside.

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                        Always has been. I don't think that has changed but if you are coming a long way you just might want to check.

                  2. Sounds great. Is she open on Sunday?

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                      They have always been open 7 days a week. But my comment to monkuboy applies here as well, if you're coming from a distance I would call and just check to make sure that things are still as they were.