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Pad Thai in B'more

travelbuff Feb 24, 2007 08:29 PM

Has anyone found a better Pad Thai than the one they serve at Thai Restaurant on Greenmount? And has anyone found a good Pad See Euw (not sure of the spelling--it's wide flat rice noodles with a slightly sweet soy sauce)?

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  1. b
    BaltFoodie RE: travelbuff Feb 25, 2007 03:59 AM

    You have to try Tharish on N. Charles St in Mt. Vernon. I think it is incredible and is the only pad thai I get in the area.

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    1. re: BaltFoodie
      jes RE: BaltFoodie Feb 25, 2007 05:11 PM

      I've been consistantly disappointed by the pad thai at ThaiRish. I live in the neighborhood and want to like it for the convience of it but seems totally tasteless and bland everytime I get it.

      1. re: jes
        ko1 RE: jes Feb 25, 2007 05:49 PM

        Try Ban Thai's. I'm not a great fan of their food overall but the pad thai has some kick.

    2. ko1 RE: travelbuff Feb 25, 2007 04:56 AM

      Ban Thai, 3-400 block of N.Charles St. has a good pad thai.

      1. viperlush RE: travelbuff Feb 25, 2007 06:30 PM

        How does the pad thai at ThaiRish and Ban Thai compare to that at Thai Landing?

        Side note: Does anyone know of a thai restaurant that delivers in Mt Vernon?

        1. h
          hon RE: travelbuff Feb 26, 2007 05:11 AM

          Thai Arroy in Federal Hill.

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          1. re: hon
            elnicka RE: hon Mar 1, 2007 11:22 AM

            Thai Arroy is the best in my opinion, lots of cilantro. Their egg and pumpkin custards are also not to be missed. They have great lunch specials as well.

          2. b
            Bmore girl RE: travelbuff Sep 26, 2007 10:01 AM

            Just ordered pad thai for lunch from Thairish, it was okay, not great. There's a place right next door that opened up called My Thai (used to be Minato/Cafe Viet) that is GREAT. The pad woo seen (sp?) is fabulous. From now on I'd rather get food from My Thai...it's also FAR better than Thai Landing.

            1. i
              irishrose RE: travelbuff Sep 26, 2007 10:57 AM

              Hang in there till Nov 07 when Lemongrass of Annapolis comes to the east Harbor - Holland Tack Factory on Bank and Central.

              1. i
                imgould RE: travelbuff Sep 26, 2007 01:16 PM

                The Pad See Eew at Thai Arroy is amazing. The Pad Thai is only so-so.

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