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Feb 24, 2007 08:29 PM

Pad Thai in B'more

Has anyone found a better Pad Thai than the one they serve at Thai Restaurant on Greenmount? And has anyone found a good Pad See Euw (not sure of the spelling--it's wide flat rice noodles with a slightly sweet soy sauce)?

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  1. You have to try Tharish on N. Charles St in Mt. Vernon. I think it is incredible and is the only pad thai I get in the area.

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    1. re: BaltFoodie

      I've been consistantly disappointed by the pad thai at ThaiRish. I live in the neighborhood and want to like it for the convience of it but seems totally tasteless and bland everytime I get it.

      1. re: jes

        Try Ban Thai's. I'm not a great fan of their food overall but the pad thai has some kick.

    2. Ban Thai, 3-400 block of N.Charles St. has a good pad thai.

      1. How does the pad thai at ThaiRish and Ban Thai compare to that at Thai Landing?

        Side note: Does anyone know of a thai restaurant that delivers in Mt Vernon?

        1. Thai Arroy in Federal Hill.

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            Thai Arroy is the best in my opinion, lots of cilantro. Their egg and pumpkin custards are also not to be missed. They have great lunch specials as well.

          2. Just ordered pad thai for lunch from Thairish, it was okay, not great. There's a place right next door that opened up called My Thai (used to be Minato/Cafe Viet) that is GREAT. The pad woo seen (sp?) is fabulous. From now on I'd rather get food from My's also FAR better than Thai Landing.