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Feb 24, 2007 07:46 PM

Meals best eaten from a bar stool.

Winding down after a hard day or recovering after an evening of sin.. possibly watching the game... what are your favorites that are best eaten from a bar stool?

Joe Josts - Long Beach - One of the greats. Serving since 1917 in the same location, with the same (pretty much) menu. A "special" - polish sausage sandwich, Pickled eggs (they serve over 600 a weekend - for good reason) and an ice cold PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon). Im leaving now. Beer only, seriously - Only beer.

Coach's - Seal Beach - A great grill menu. Ive had the two echilada and fresh halibut filet plate and asked for seconds, I still dream about that meal, but the standout is the Halibut Melt. Basically a tuna melt, but with lighter, fresh halibut meat grilled with Swiss. Beer and Wine.

Ye Old Kings Head. Santa Monica - There are some places that make better fish and chips, I agree. But the atmosphere and ability to have a Guinness (served correctly) makes a big difference.

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  1. Best food: JAR

    Best atmosphere: THE LOBSTER

    Best bargain: McCormick's & Schmick (happy hour)

    1. As I often dine alone, I actually prefer eating at the bar as it makes me feel less isolated than occupying half of a two-top.

      My favorite bar stool dining of all is at the Brigantine's down in San Diego County, at the oyster bar overlooking the Del Mar Racetrack.

      In the LA area, my favorite bar stool dining is at BLD. My most frequent barstool dining is at Crown & Anchor, a British pub in Thousand Oaks. And just today I had lunch at the bar at Monsieur Marcel in the Farmer's Market and had a decent quiche-of-the-day.

      1. Black bean soup, dry martini, Parkway Grill. Hands down, instant therapy.

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          I forgot about that. I actually had a great dinner next door at Arroyo Chop House at the bar.

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          1. Father's Office is Santa Monica. Has the best burger and great beers, Problem is, it is very small and usually packed. Try to get there when it first opens. Find a seat, and park your butt for th rest of the night.