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Limoncello or 5NorthSquare

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Hello North End Experts: Can you give any advice or reviews on either of the above. Friends of mine are coming to town and they suggested either of these spots. Your thoughts please. Thanks!

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  1. I've briefly considered trying both of these places a few times, but can't really get excited about either of their menus. They both seem members of that great middle tier of fairly interchangeable, tourist-oriented North End places where big portions are part of the attraction. I'd love to hear some good reasons why I should try them; neither seems to get much attention on this board.

      1. I've had one of the worst meals of my life at Lemoncello. Bad food, bad service and no assistance of any kind from the owner. I would never go back or recommend it to anyone. Money would have been better spent anywhere else.

        1. Okay, I will step up to the plate in favor of Limoncello. I believe it is possible to have a bad meal anywhere, and unforgivable if the management doesn't seem to care. Having said that, I have eaten there many times, and even entertain business associates there. Service has always been attentive and pleasant. The food has been very good, with the rosette being my favorite offering. It isn't going to give the "gourmet" places a lot of competition, but it also isn't priced to. For a decent, family-style restauramt. I consider it one of the better ones in the North End.

          1. I've been to 5 North Sq for a dinner before. The location is rather romantic, and the service was excellent. I'd say their food is "solid"...not the most memorable meal I ever had, but good. If you're gonig w/some friends, I'd say try Rabia's on Salem street. They work hard to please a crowd, and I have had some fantastic meals there.

            1. I actually really like Limoncello for a straight ahead Italian place. There is nothing super fancy (although IMHO their stuffed artichoke is GREAT), but the food is consistently good, good for people who don't like things that are unfamiliar, and I've always had terrific service.

              1. ... And I've had the worse meal ever at 5 North Sq. They use chicken tenders i(a/k/a "tendons") in their chicken dishes. That's a bad sign right off the bat. I am a wine drinker, but some in my dinner party are hard liquor drinkers, and I recall they only serve beer and wine. The pasta was cooked to a mush, salad was out of a bag....wilted and plain nasty. Very 70's atmospher and is smelled like that was the last time it had a good cleaning. Avoid it.. no worth trying even out of curiosity.

                1. Another "yes" for Limoncello. True it's not a gourmet dining experience, but it's what I go out to eat in a resturant for--good, attentive service, a welcoming attitude, and good food for the price. Also, I like the location a little "off the beaten path."