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Feb 24, 2007 07:01 PM

Best Soup? anybody deliver

Love to hear some suggestions other than hale and hearty or whatever lame chain you are talking about.

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  1. Sarge's Deli serves very good chicken soup. Open 24/7 and they deliver.

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    1. re: RGR

      ditto about sarge's. Also love their thick, rich mushroom barley soup.

    2. the "soupnazi" from seinfeld fame in my view is as good as advertised. can someone help me with the name. i know it's in the 50's on the west side,

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      1. re: jsmitty

        The original "Soup Man" location on W. 55th St. closed some time ago. The owner, Al Yeganeh, has franchised his operation as Soup Kitchen International. There are locations in Manhattan.

        1. re: trinyc

          But be warned, if you are looking for anything resembling the fresh awesome soups at Soupe Kitchen International, you will not find it at The Original Soup Man. They are bland salty messes that seem like they came from a can.

          I am still looking for a place that has anything resembling the old SKI.

          1. re: john

            Agreed. The original Soup Kitchen International on 55th street was fantastic and worth the money. His chain, the original soup man, is mediocre. I'd pick Hale and Hearty over that 7 days a week.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I think a reliable local Chinese Take Out / Delivery place is a great choice. Many of their soups can easily be eaten as a main course. Choose from a wide variety of noodles, dumplings, won ton, etc..Then add fish, meat. poultry, tofu, vegetables, or whatever else you might desire! Also, their soup vegetables are alway crisp and fresh since they're usually added at the very last moment. And, if someone is not terribly adventurous, there's always the standard wonton, egg drop, and hot & sour to satisfy one's "soup jones"!