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Feb 24, 2007 06:09 PM

Al Bocalino

This restaurant used to be a Seattle favorite for authentic Italian food. Years ago, after the death of its owner, it fell under new management. I visited the other night, and on a Friday night at 7 PM, was one of three tables in this otherwise empty dining room. The food was over priced, small portions and did not taste right. I had a Cesear Salad which was small (tiny plate) for $15. Then I had the Fettucine Bolognese which tasted like something you might get in a nursing home: bland, and flavorless. The waiter spoke an unintelligible dialect and he was rude and off-putting. I am scratching this place off my list.

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  1. Thanks for taking one for the team! BTW what do you think of IL Terrazo Carmine?

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      I can't speak for tstrum, but I think Il Terrazzo is the best Italian in town - and priced accordingly. Their venison ravioli and sweetbreads are extraordinary.

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        I agree with terrier. Il Terazzo is consistently good food, and has been for the 20 years that I have been going. The reason: Carmine is on the premises at all times keeping a watchful eye over quality.

        1. re: tstrum

          Thanks, will check it out! BTW keep an eye on Cafe Juanita's menu, in about a month or so they should be getting some shad roe in

      2. I appreciate that you mentioned that it used to be a favorite. My father, Kenny Raider, owned it. After he died I was glad that Al Boccalino didn't close, but it certainly has been absent from the restaurant scene. I don't go in much. Maybe someday it will make a stunning return.

        1. Sophie,
          I am sorry about your father. I was a big fan of his restaurant. It was sad what the new onwners have done with it.