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Feb 24, 2007 05:24 PM

Just moved to Dogtown--St. Louis

Any recs for good informal restaurants?

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    1. "Dogtown" refers "to the large geographical area from Oakland to Hwy 44 and McCausland to Macklind. This includes neighborhoods which are also called, or have been in the past: Cheltenham, Hi-Pointe, Franz Park, Benton, and Ellendale." (This is according to the website ).

      1. We are on Clayton near Hampton.

        1. Go to Chuy's on Clayton & Tamm for excellent Fajita's and tex-mex in general - but don't drink too many Margaritas. Go to Pat's on Oakland & Tamm for great fried chicken and fried stuff in general. Don't forget about Smokin' Als on Hampton.


          1. Stellina Pasta on Watson just south of Fyler has a very good sandwich selection and pasta of course. Salads are very nice as well. A very nice place and casual.

            A bit out of your neighborhood but further south on Hampton, I very much recommend The Pitted Olive. Very good sandwich selection as well as specials and lots of good things in the deli case that they'll heat up for you.