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Just moved to Dogtown--St. Louis

Any recs for good informal restaurants?

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    1. "Dogtown" refers "to the large geographical area from Oakland to Hwy 44 and McCausland to Macklind. This includes neighborhoods which are also called, or have been in the past: Cheltenham, Hi-Pointe, Franz Park, Benton, and Ellendale." (This is according to the website www.webster.edu/~corbetre/dogtown/dog... ).

      1. We are on Clayton near Hampton.

        1. Go to Chuy's on Clayton & Tamm for excellent Fajita's and tex-mex in general - but don't drink too many Margaritas. Go to Pat's on Oakland & Tamm for great fried chicken and fried stuff in general. Don't forget about Smokin' Als on Hampton.


          1. Stellina Pasta on Watson just south of Fyler has a very good sandwich selection and pasta of course. Salads are very nice as well. A very nice place and casual.

            A bit out of your neighborhood but further south on Hampton, I very much recommend The Pitted Olive. Very good sandwich selection as well as specials and lots of good things in the deli case that they'll heat up for you.

            1. I can't believe that Dogtown institution Seamus McDaniels hasn't been mentioned. It's a great local gathering place, part bar part family restaurant but all great American food.

              1. I have a friend who moved from Dogtown to New Mexico. She waxes nostalgic about the sandwiches at Gewinner's Market/Deli on Clayton Ave in Dogtown.

                1. unfortunately, Gewinner's is gone.

                  Chuy's is one of our favorites, but it is Tex-Mex, not real Mexican.
                  Pat's is absolutely the best fried chicken we've had in town--beats Hodak's hands down.

                  Also a bit south of your neighborhood, on Watson, try Trattoria Marcella for good Italian--real Italian, not the St. Louis stuff.

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                    Does anyone know, is this Chuy's the same as Chuy's in Houston, TX? Great Margaritas, order at the counter, little condiment bar, Tex-Mex at its best???

                    1. re: amy_rc

                      Nope, not the same at all. This Chuy's doesn't even come close. Case in point: the salsa is a pathetic conglomeration of watery tomato puree and tomato paste, no onions, no cilantro, and I think they add sugar to it too. It is disgusting. The rest of the menu is so-so, pretty much what you would find in any tex-mex place in the north, adequate to horrible. There are much better mexican places in town, just not in Dogtown.

                  2. My favorite restaurant in the Dogtown area (though not technically dogtown) is Olympia Kebob House on McCausland.

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                      Never been a big fan of Olympias. Michael's has better and more variety of Greek food, IMHO, the only thing Olympia's has going for it is the outside dining, which Michael's has also. I went to Olympia's once and ordered the sampler plate, half the food was steaming hot, the other half was still frozen. Obviously a microwave malfunction. Oh and the hummus was rancid.

                      1. re: Phaedrus

                        That's interesting in that I feel that way about Michael's. I don't feel like they do have much Greek food.

                        It is true, that Olympia microwaves some stuff, and as much as I should be offended, it's never bothered me much. Sorry you had a bad visit, however, their hummus has always been one of the main attractions for my wife and I's going there. Now granted, it's no Remy's hummus, which is, personally, the best in town. I'm partial to the fact that I've had to make it and serve hundreds of plates of the stuff.

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                          Michael's Greek food is pretty well integrated into the menu. But outside of the ubiquitous gyros, hummus, baba ghanouj, spanakopita, moussaka, etc. They also serve a great lamb shank, the lamb chops are Greek in seasoning and flavor, tiramosalata and the grilled octopus.

                          1. re: Phaedrus

                            I'll give them another shot. I can't say no to a lamb shank.