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Feb 24, 2007 04:54 PM

Where to buy cake for large group (20-40 people)?

I need to buy a cake for a group of 20-40 people, i'd prefer to get something a step above the normal grocery store fare (like the ones that they sell at Kroger, Costco, etc.) but also don't want to go all out and get a "boutique" cake.

Does anyone have any good recommendations on a bakery, or even a grocery store that makes a decent cake (not one that's full of sugary icing)?

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  1. Dallas Affairs in Lakewood makes the best cake I've ever tasted. They do a lot of specialty wedding cakes but I've gone in for a birthday cake and they were more than happy to make it for me. It's been several years but I don't remember being over the top expensive.

    1. I love Dallas Affairs as well. I buy all my special cakes there and at Society Bakery.However, I think it's pretty expensive.

      I would try "Casa Linda Bakery". The chocolate isn't my favorite, but I REALLY like the traditional white cake and the petite fours. I think the prices are in between kroger and Dallas Affairs - if that's possible. That's quite a price spread.

      Casa Linda Bakery
      10819 Garland Road - Dallas, TX

      1. Radford Cakery will probably be cheaper than Dallas Affaires. They did my wedding cake - it was beautiful and delicious AND affordable. I know they do cakes for other occasions as well.

        1. Society Bakery on Lower Greenville.

          Everything is amazing.

          3426 B Greenville Ave.
          Dallas, Texas 75206

          (Corner of Greenville & McCommas)

          1. I just bought a great children's birthday party cake from Aston's Bakery. They did a fantastic job with the decoration, and I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.