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Feb 24, 2007 04:43 PM

Making a Case for...Mood and a Movie in Kew Gardens

So the idea for this is to build a case for an under the radar Outer Borough experience. This one: Kew Gardens!

The last two Saturdays my SO (aka pellegrino31 on the boards) and I have spent our afternoon in Kew Gardens, first having lunch at Mood and followed by a movie at Kew Gardens Cinema. If you're looking for a pleasant, inexpensive way to spend your Saturday - including excellent food and watching independent film - give it a try.

First, Mood. Its almost always empty for lunch on Saturdays (they have a brunch on Sundays that we have not tried as yet), but don't equate their empty dining room with bad food. We've tried five things on their lunch menu - cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, ravioli with proscuitto and fontina, autumn salad and smoked salmon sandwich, all $7 or less - and we've been extremely happy with quality of the food. The only blip was an undercooked burger that they corrected without a problem. Their fries are fantastic - fresh, crispy and perfectly salted, and the burger is great. We've had dinner there a couple of times (salmon, filet mignon) as well and have been very impressed. In a neighborhood with few options, it's fantastic. We live in Forest Hills and would love to see a place like this on Austin St. - modern, American, high quality and well priced.

After lunch, Kew Gardens Cinema is a wonderful place to watch a movie, a Queens treasure. They show excellent movies in an old timey movie theater, complete with excellent popcorn. The first show on weekends is $6.

Convinced? Try it for yourself and report back!

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  1. I agree about the Kew Gardens Cinema...the best theater around..that's what I would like closer to me on the other side of Forest Hills, on Austin..

    I lvoe the food at Mood, don't love the attitude. We went there for an early dinner after a movie at the Cinema, there was only one table being used...there were 3 of us, we did not have reservations..After they gave us a hard time and we promised we wouldn't stay long (it was really cold, so we didn't want to go elsewhere), they gave us a table. Yes, the food was deleicious, and guess what? Even when we left, most of thier tables were still empty..

    I've heard other stories like this...I'm not the only one who has had trouble with their attitude..maybe I will try the lunch for the good food, but they need to work on their snobbery.

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    1. re: judy

      Late reading this, obviously.
      I too, have experience the rudeness and feel somewhat vindicated that it was not just in my head.

      Its just poor business practice, imo. Food is good thought. Only reason I return.

    2. That's too bad to hear you had bad service. I'm not sure how long ago that was, but all our experieces going to Mood has been in the last year and we've never had an issue.

      1. Love the Kew Gardens Cinema. Haven't really liked any of the food out there though, except for that sort of strange left over German-American deli place. Went to Mood once and got sort of the same vibe as Judy, that they were doing us a big favor by allowing us into their nearly empty "classy" restaurant. A restaurant that was actually quite pedestrian, although the food was not too bad at all.

        Real mystery is why there isn't another good movie theater in Queens showing something other than the usual Hollywood crap. Forest Hills would seem to be a natural place for one, but even folks there have to go out to Kew.

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        1. re: Woodside Al

          I'd love to see a theater like that in Forest Hills as husband has a bad leg, it's tough to park near the KG Cinema, and it's a pain to go there, even if it's not far..everything is far for hubby and his leg..

          We've missed several good films because they were only playing there. We did get to see The Queen because it was also playing in Douglaston, with parking right there! Taht's unusual, though, usually they're the only game in town with these films.

        2. My wife and I frequent the Kew Gardens Cinema--great place, and to tie in chow, great popcorn.
          Never been to Mood, but thanks for the tip--will check it out.
          What's the exact address?

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          1. re: abu applesauce

            I haven't looked up the exact address, but it's confusing...if you look South from the theater, the street splits in two...go go across Lefferts and and walk down the right side of the's right there, only a few doors down from the "split" from Lefferts--it might be 120th Street or something like that..Google it. If you want them to be nice, make a reservation...otherwise you might not get in, even when empty.

            1. re: judy

              Mood is on 83rd Ave. Coming down Lefferts from the theater, Lefferts forks left, 83rd is the next fork to the right. The sharper right is Grenfell St and the sharp sharp right (Dani's Pizza on the corner) is the street that goes down to the train station.

          2. Has anyone eaten at the little Indian restaurant on Austin around the corner from the Cinema? Is that an option? It looks tiny - no more than about 5 tables or so?

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            1. re: hrpro

              I ate their once...its kinda of a Pakistani/Indian/Kashmiri hybrid restaurant. I thought the food was mediocre. It doesn't look like they take the restaurant all that seriously; its almost always empty.