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Feb 24, 2007 04:41 PM

Shadowbrook Restaurant Capitola

We are planning on going to this restaurant for my daughters college graduation in a few months. The info on their website looks very informative, but being from Los Angeles I dont know too much about it. Can I get some help and recs?? Anyone been there?

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  1. Capitola restaurants are on the California board, so this topic will probably get moved. Searching 'capitola' or Shadowbrook on that board might get you a few past comments. Here's one to get you started.

    1. Could you be more specific about what kind of information you're looking for?

      My feeling is that Shadowbrook is more of an "experience" place than a food place. It's a lovely restaurant in a lovely setting. The food is decent, especially if you stick to the standards. The only time I've eaten there was for a wedding, and the food was fine, except for the salad, where they tried to get a bit more daring with the dressing, with disasterous (in my opinion) results.

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        We made reservations for the past Sunday night at Shadowbrook. The reservation was right on time and we were seated in a warm cozy section. Lots of mood lighting . There is no view at night, with only the reflection of the interior lights in the window. The waiter was attentive if nota bit fake. we ordered appetizer (crabcake like croquette that was heavy and dense),artichoke soup which the waiter forgot to bring, two main courses that were not hot, a flabby sirloin "prime steak with non hot fresh french fries, and a good brocollini steamed veg, and a very coarse grained cornmeal john dory saute with warmish veg) I think that this place is over rated. The waiter asked "how everything was" we nicely told him. The manager came over and said he was sorry. Offered free dessert or glass of wine which we declined.
        Told him to bring the bill, which he did taking off the steak which was left 75% uneaten.
        Pretty place but the food does not match. Great cozy bar, with wood burning pizza oven.

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          Yikes, sorry to hear about your horrible experience. I'm glad you said something to the waiter and manager. They need to know that the food does not at all match up to the ambience and that all the superficial stuff doesn't matter if the food is neglected. Your server doesn't even sound that attentive given that he forgot soup and allowed items to get cold.

          Every winter they have weeknight specials to attract the locals. Items such as prime rib and seafood entrees for $15.95 this year. But not a good deal if the food is bad. I haven't been back since brunch several years ago.

      2. The food sucks big time for the price. Actually, it just sucks. Don't go. I went to college in SC, and we constantly made fun of Sahdowbrook.. In fact, it is still somewhat of a joke.

        There are so many much nicer places in town for less!

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        1. It just depends on what you're looking for. Shadowbrook is in the category of "special occasion" place, but I personally find the food and atmosphere boring and a little cheesy. The pluses are that it's big and has good service, so they can accommodate large groups well. I wouldn't go for dinner but I do like brunch there.

          Dinner report:

          Brunch report:

          Depending on your group size and type of food you're seeking, I'd consider Soif, La Posta, Gabriella Cafe, or Sestri (all in Santa Cruz) before Shadowbrook. Soif has a big communal table in the middle and private room on the upper floor. Gabriella is too small for large groups. I've also heard good things about Theo's in Soquel but I haven't been.

          Please be sure to report back after your graduation celebration!

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            Adding link:

            1750 Wharf Rd., Capitola, CA 95010