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After Babbo Sat. nite dinner, where to drink?

Where can we continue the evening w/ music and good drinks? Nothing too upscale or touristy... and definitely not a club environment, but classic ny? Does that make sense?

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  1. Immediately around Babbo I'm not too sure, but if you're willing to walk across Washington Square Park, I'd check out both Leela Lounge on West 3rd and, a little further and a lot better, Temple Bar on Lafayette - unquestionably my favorite bar/lounge in Manhattan.

    1. Dove on Thompson between Bleeker and 3rd (east side of the street, down the stairs). It is a mellow loungy place with good not too expensive drinks, friendly staff and good music is usually playing. Its my favorite bar, and around the corner from Babbo.

      1. i really like the dove, though it does get crowded on saturdays with birthdays. there is a cool bar with belgian beer only on w 3rd or w 4th called vol de nuit. otherwise... there is turks and frogs, a nice wine bar which is a short cab ride away.

        1. The Dove and Turks and Frogs are both good spots. I would also suggest Little Branch at Leroy & 7th.

          1. If you're talking about live music, the Blue Note is a few steps away and very classic NY. You can check their website to see if you'll need tickets that night. Pegu Club is also a short wak from Babbo. Some of the best cocktails around, but I don't think they'll have live music.

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              Blue Note is a HUGE rip off. You'll be forced to pay +$50 pp to get in, and then there is a drink minimum per set, and the drinks ain't cheap, and then you're thrown out after a much too short set. If you're just a casual listener and not there to see something/someone specific, give it a wide pass. There are much better, much less expensive, more welcoming jazz joints for the casual listener...many in the immediate vicinity.

            2. The Stoned Crow is around the corner - a classic NY bar with a few rough edges. Average age is probably around 30. That might be a good or a bad thing - you decide. There's a jukebox.

              Down the street the restaurant bar at the North Square hotel is more sophisticated, older, and a good deal more quiet. They're both very close to Babbo.

              1. While The Dove is fantastic - on a Saturday night it's riddled with NYU kids. I love Pegu Club, but it is a little pricey but very romantic and loungy. One other suggestion is Shade on Sullivan and West 3rd. Very good little wine bar.

                1. I also like Shade and North Square, and while I love Stoned Crow, I don't know if I would recomend it after a dinner at Babbo, expecially now that the news of its great burgers is out. The crowds and "rough edges" might clash with the mood.

                  1. La Lanterna Cafe or North Square (mentioned above) in the Washington Square hotel.

                    1. I second La Lanterna, and would include The Bourgeois Pig, also on MacDougal. It's small, and can be a bit NYUish, but on a good night it's conducive to wine and conversation.

                      1. That's an easy one. The Knickerbocker for top-shelf jazz piano. This Saturday is especially good: Joanne Brackeen.