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Feb 24, 2007 04:22 PM

Fennel Fronds

What do people do with these things? The most recent Joy of Cooking says "fronds used discretely for seasoning." Does anyone even know what this means?
I love fennel oh so much, and am hoping to find a delicious way to put these beautiful fronds to use.

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  1. You can add the tenderest parts into a salad, or lay them in/around baked fish.

    I have also seen them in one of Marcella Hazan's Sicilian pasta recipes, one that includes pine nuts, currants, saffron, sardines, and a couple other ingredients. If you can get past her endless 'sigh, you can't find the Really Right Variety of the ingredient but if you must try it use this kind' comments, it sounds sort of interesting.

    1. I use fronds for a garnish usually. Others boil it and drink it as a digestive aid. Some use it in soups. Here are two examples using fronds:

      1) Simple garnish in soup ...

      2) A recipe where it's the standout ...

      1. you can infuse olive oil with fennel fronds (and lemon rind and black pepper and onion and fennel seed) - you mildly heat the olive oil and keep it looooooow

        then use the oil on baking fish, and on a bed of onions (and, say sliced fennel bulb) to roast the fish
        there's a recipe in Chez Panisse Vegetables, if you need specifics (but it's forgiving in loosely put together combos)

        1. Bake it into bread, once threw a handful into a batch of dough and it tasted wonderful.

          1. Chop, sweat, tie 'em up in a porchetta.