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Feb 24, 2007 04:15 PM

Farbreng Inn in Richmond Virgina?How's the food?

How is the food at the hotel the Farbreng inn, in Richmond Virginia?
Is it decent/great/horrible?
Also, if you have been there, just to know since I am considering staying there for a day or two, how nice and clean is it? Is it a beautiful place? Nice service? But the most important thing to me is, if it's clean!

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  1. We were there twice -- both times for shabbat in the summer, once in 2000 and once in 2004. The food was good -- fairly simple but plentiful. Meals were served family style, everyone situated around 2 long tables. Over shabbat, there was a lot of food available. During th eweek, they made food available for box lunches.
    The rooms were also simple but clean. I would guess that there were 24 or so rooms all on the perimeter of the building with a synagogue in the middle. There is a swiming pool and playgrounds for kids. Other than that no real amenities -- I think they had a lounge with a TV and games for kids but I don't recall a TV in each room. It is more of a retreat center than a hotel. Nothing to do in the immediate area, but lots within an hour or so drive. Attracts a very religous crowd, with lots of kids.

    1. thank you! I appreciate your response