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Feb 24, 2007 03:42 PM

Bunha Faun - Malvern, PA

We have always had a very good dinner at Bunha Faun.
The prices are comparable - I'd say even reasonable compared to other restaurants.
They have been working on the decor.
The most wonderful thing is that there is no loud music....people who go there, go to enjoy good food and good conversation.

unfortunately for us one time we sat behind some people talking a lot of trash, but that was a rarity.

The cuisine is asian/french.
You can see the french attention to detail in the presentation and the sauces.
They are superb.

The scallops are very good and come in a herb butter sauce.
I had the angel hair pasta with seafood - they call it an appetizer but i think of it as a meal.
The lamb is very good.

The rainbow trout we had was completely deboned and skin free, it had a lovely burgundy sauce and was stuffed.

If you go there don't pass up the ice cream for dessert, the chocolate sauce is homeade - fresh for you....he makes it when you order it.

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  1. I second that. Not much variety, but invariably good. We often go there before going to Peoples Light and Theatre, which is almost around the corner on Rte. 401.


    1. We had our rehearsal dinner in their upstairs room and people still rave about the food! I always get the escargot and the trout........yum!

      1. Clearly one of the most under rated and lesser known BYOs on the western main line. I have been going there for years and have always had a good experience, wherher it was a large party for New Year's Eve, a quiet romantic dinner for two, or somewhere in between.

        Good choices are their veal scallops, champagne cream sauce, a very nice rack of lamb, and their fried oysters.

        1. I tried going there a while ago, but had my son with me. They only had 1 broken highchair, so I couldn't stay. So if anyone wants to try with a child- check 1st if they've gotten a new one or bring along a seat! Hopefully I'll try it sometime

          1. Pam D./PA MD/Pamd (take yer pick!), thanks for the heads-up about the high chair. Don't know if this works for you, but if your son is between 1-4 (or so) you could bring a lightweight portable booster seat and affix it to a regular chair, no worries. It is *cheap* and has worked well for us everywhere.

            A page of various booster seats with and without seat belts and trays:

            This is the one we have:

            I have only eaten at BF once, which I consider a shame, because I liked the food tremendously, and like someone said, it's a nice local BYOB that isn't generally packed.

            What kept me from going back -- and I was there forever ago, so this is probably really unreasonable of me -- was that on my first trip there, we ate upstairs with a large group. There was a really strong smell of cleaning solution that interfered with being able to taste the food or wine. I really hated that and kept wondering if the cleaning smell was covering up something else even worse.

            Can anyone comment on the... smell? I know it's weird, but yuck.

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            1. re: Mawrter

              Mawrter, thanks for the tip- I actually have one that I keep in my car now, ever since we kept stumbling upon restaurants without highchairs or friends houses without kids! at the time though, I didn't.

              PA MD, actually