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Feb 24, 2007 03:21 PM

Where might you go, Oscar night....

......that you would usually stay away from because it's too crowded ?

Kind of like how "they" used to say, "Super Bowl Sunday is the best day to go to Disneyland"........because it won't be crowded.

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    1. re: Bon Vivant

      Mozza is fully booked tomorrow night!

      1. re: hrhboo

        Well, I guess others were thinking the same as me. Sometimes I think that I'll never get there; might I have to take a day off from work and book a table for 3:30 pm?

        Ok, Matsuhisa then.

    2. You know, it's right down the block on Highland, but I would go to Mel's Diner, just for the scene.

      1. Brun ch at the hotel bel aire