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coffee, downtown toronto

Since I moved to Toronto from Montreal I've been missing coffee. Starbucks is my new best friend, but there has to be better than that. I'm particularly into lattes, whole milk! I like the little place beside Casa Acoreana in Kensington market, and Ideal Coffee. Any other coffee secrets out there?

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  1. Lettieri has pretty good lattes. There are a number of locations. I go to the one on Front St. Near St. Lawrence Market sometimes. I also find the lattes at Pulp Kitchen on Queen East at Logan are very good. Haven't been yet but I hear there is a great coffee place in the Distillery District called the Green Merchants of Coffee.

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      The Merchants of Green Coffee are not in the Distillery, they are just off the DVP, between Dundas and Queen. http://www.merchantsofgreencoffee.com/

      I think the place you're thinking of in the Distillery District is Balzac's, which is lovely.

    2. Jet Fuel at 519 Parliament, just north of Carlton (I think), serves a nice latte in tall glasses, not cups. Very limited--no fancy flavours. Great neighbourhood vibe.

      1. Dark Horse on Queen St E is a great spot, just west of Broadview.

          1. B on queen just east of yonge has illy and great food and I miss coffee at olympico as well, but this is second best although a lot more expensive!

            1. I don't actually drink coffee personally, but I have many friends who swear by Caffe Brasilliano - South side of Dundas at Euclid. (beside Musa)

              1. Mercury. On Queen Street East.
                Much better than Starbucks (less expensive, too) and I'm a Starbucks fan.
                Very good espresso and regular drinks.
                They also have a few coffee drinks of their own. Something like shot of espresso with pepper, foam, maple syrup (I don't have it exactly right). Served in a glass and silver cup.
                A good funk.
                and nice tea, too.
                Oh, and they make a design in the top of the foam. A leaf or something like that.

                1. I love the lattes at Bar Italia -- two make my heart beat too fast though, so I can only have 1 1/2.

                  1. Ever since I tried the espresso/cap/machiatto's at Cafe Olympico on St Viateur in Montreal, and Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver, I've been searching for a great cuppa in Toronto. Jet Fuel on Parliment comes pretty close, but the clear winner so far is Cherry Bomb on Roncesvales about 3 blocks north of Queen.

                    1. Also second b for a beautiful little shop. I'm a fan of Bulldog and Ideal for the absolute best latte, with Bulldog being a smidge better (but hanging out at ideal is more fun).