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Feb 24, 2007 03:16 PM

Flanigan's Boathouse, Conshocken


Not much was up here so we decided to take a chance and go eat there.
Their website looked really good, and although they looked a bit like a bar on the website we thought well hey, bars can have great food and my dad wanted seafood.

We had their crab cake entree, the wings, their dockside burger and a portobello sandwich.
I would have to rate this restaurant - mediocre. I couldn't find any seafood to order so i just had a burger, and I love seafood.

We could have had better food and paid less at TGIF or Texas Roadhouse.

their was a piece of fin in the crabcake, the kitchen was very sparing with any of the promised sauces/mayos. The burger was ok.

The wings and beer were pretty good.

The service was good, but we ordered 20 wings and we wanted 10 buffalo and 10 chipotle lime, and he didn't tell us until afterwards (when we got the bill) that we would have to pay for 7.99+7.99 (two orders of 10) vs the 11.99 for 20

Parking was a nightmare and the waiting room is the entrance to the bar.

Pass on this............think highly overated and overpriced......keep walking

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  1. If you love sea food you should have gone to the new place that took over the Maya Bela space a couple of doors up. I think it's called Blackfish and it got 3 stars from Craig LeBan.

    1. The boathouse is simply a bar - nothing more, sadly

      1. With the growth of Conshohocken, I'm surprised there isn't an explosion of dining choices. I've got to think things will pick up.

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          There are a lot of choices in Conshy- Blackfish, Stella Blu, Gypsy Saloon, Fayette Street Grille. All are fantastic. Nearby is Spring Mill Cafe, From the Boot and Persian Grille. People even seem to like Spamps and Pepperoncini's, although those are not for me. There is certainly no reason to have to go to the Pub or the Boathouse. They are abysmal.

        2. It is a bar...a big bar...with food. Lots of good beer. Lots of ho-hum food. Food getts better the more beers you've had.

          1. Spamps has a lot of seafood options as well as sushi, defintiely a good alternative to the boathouse.