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Feb 24, 2007 03:14 PM

Happy Joy to close

Was saddened to hear that Happy Joy, the great, cheap Chino-Malaysian place on Essex/Canal is to close, due to, what else, rising rents. Their last day will be Monday. Have been a lunch regular for years and do not know where I will find my fix of spicy curry chicken, the best beef chow fun around, eggplant in funky, sweet sauce, spicy Malaysian string beans or curry chicken noodle soup, a perfect sinus-clearing dish on a cold day. The gentrification below Delancey continues (Two Boots is about to open on Grand/Suffolk). Grab it while you can.

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  1. Wow. That's sad to hear. The part about rising rents is illuminating--that's not exactly the most upscale or best known part of Chinatown. But the foot traffic in that neck of the woods is incredible.

    1. damn i like that place, it might be the best malay place

      1. Crap-that was part of my LES brunch tour-start with spicy pork jerky at Ling Kee across the street, grab some bbq roast pork at Happy Joy, 5 for a dollar fried dumplings around the corner at Northern Dumpling, proceed up the block for chocolate rugelach at Gertel's (another casualty?), then some full sours at the Pickle Guys, round the corner for bialys at Kossars before winding up at the Donut Plant for a valrhona yeast and blackout cake donut. Now I'll have to starve.

        1. Gertel's still open as of last something up?

          1. I've been three times since Friday. They told me today at lunch that they moved the last day back to this coming Wednesday. Gives me a chance to get there for the Malaysian breakfast.

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              Relatively good news. I'll be there tomorrow for lunch.