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Feb 24, 2007 02:52 PM


Spending a week house hunting between these urban legends.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. in akron: SWENSONS is thee ohio classic for burgers, STRICKLANDS for custard & then there is a wildacard for you -- suburban barberton style fried chicken at local chains like WHITE HOUSE (it's odd cuts fried in lard -- a unique syrian style).

    canton: BENDERS downtown is a nice old tavern. also, remember you are right next to amish country if you want to get off I-77...but please take your time, drive very carefully & look out for horse & buggys!:

    let us know when you narrow down the house hunting for more specific.

    1. The best Amish restaurants from MRNYC's list are;

      Boyd and Wurthmanin in Berlin, and Mrs Yoder's kitchen in Mt Hope. Both have great food and usually packed with locals. Take care getting to Mt Hope as it is all scenic with many Amish buggies on blind curves. Auction day in Mt Hope is Wednesday, so expect big crowds and delays.

      The Amish Door is a small local chain. It is not Amish-owned, but the food is always very good, if a bit touristy. There is usually a small gift shop attached, and many also have a hotel.

      Chalet in the valley is nice and very scenic.

      Millers bakery (great pies, and breads). Heini's cheese and Coblentz chocolate are quite good. The best chocolate is Harry London's in Canton, Exit I-77 at the Akron-Canton airport and follow the signs.

      Toyer's trail bologna is required for anyone visiting Amish country.

      Hotel Millersburg is very good and slightly upscale.

      Walnut creek cheese is not to be missed.

      I agree with mrnyc's recommendation of Barberton Chicken ( White house, Hopokon Gardens and Miliches) and Benders Tavern in Canton.

      Wooster has Coccia house pizza, The Wooster inn and Hartzlers ice cream , but it is quite a drive (20 miles) from your chosen corridor.

      This is a great link to Amish county and local businesses. All of their recommendations can be trusted.

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      1. re: Kelli2006

        great list --- fyi my vote is for BOYD and WERTHMAN, thx for the reminder, that was my fav amish.

        also, wow cant believe i forgot about it but the trail bologna is de rigeur! pick some up with some amish cheese and a rhubarb pie to take back home.

      2. Thanks MRNYC and Kelli, you've whet my appetite.