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Feb 24, 2007 02:15 PM

Brunch Spots In/Around Westwood, MA?

I'm familiar with the 50s Diner in Dedham and Johnny's in Newton Centre - anything closer to the Westwood area? Thanks.

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  1. you are fortunate to be in westwood - there is in fact an awesome brunch/lunch/dinner spot ...its called Vello's... it's on route 109. for brunch among their full menu they do this cool mix/match thing where you get a choice of 4 of a large list of items - eggs, pancake, meat, fruit, toast, potatoes, french toast, etc... so you can make the breakfast plate that you like, without substitutes. the only caution i have is check their hours- i'm not sure what time they serve until. it's a great independently owned place - started by a young man who grew up in the neighborhood.

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      Yes Vello's is a definite for brunch! I've had great experiences there. If you are looking for something a bit more retro, you can head to Newton Center for Cabot's.. but that is a bit far from Westwood.