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Feb 24, 2007 02:13 PM

Need affordable, unique caterer/venue in Long Beach/So Bay

I would like to host an affordable party for about 75-100 people somewhere in Long Beach or within 10 miles of there. (The closer the better.) It could be a unique venue with a recommendation of a good caterer OR a good restaurant that can host that size crowd. I would prefer an outdoor, non-sitdown event where I could maybe bring in some music. Wine & beer only--no cocktails. Ethic food is a plus, BBQ, etc.--I'm open to anything. I need ideas and contact info. THANKS!

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  1. Not sure about the food but my cousin had her wedding reception at Aquarium of the Pacific and it was great. For catering my friend got chafing dishes and party trays from The Loft in Lakewood (Del Amo & Pioneer) for great super yummy hawaiian food.

    1. Check with the Long Beach Museum of Art (Claires).