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Feb 24, 2007 02:07 PM

is there any place better than Newport Seafood for Lobster?

It's my dear mothers birthday tomorrow and has a hankering for some lobster.
I know that Newport won't let me down but would like to try somewhere different for a change. Doesn't really matter how it's done or where it's from.

Any recs?

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  1. Staying in the SGV, SEA HARBOUR on Rosemead Blvd., in Rosemead, does a wonderful lobster with XO cognac sauce (as well as other iterations). Be warned, though, it is more pricey than Newport.

    If you want to try a different type of crustacean, I'd highly recommend the house special crab at SEAFOOD VILLAGE on Las Tunas in Temple City.

    Happy b-day to Mom!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      awww...someone actually answered!

      thank you, you have no idea how you've helped me out.

      is it during Dim Sum or on the Dinner Menu?

      1. re: teenage glutster

        Dinner menu ... and Seafood Village does not have dim sum.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        There's also the special crab at Macau Street, which is almost an unwritten law ("So, you'll be having the special crab and...?" they may as well get short-order slips pre-printed with it.)

        for $9.95 it is an unbeatable deal and on nights with good turnover it really is That Good.

        Newport Seafood is no slouch either, and their lobster is great, but if you're going to bring up crab, Macau Street's is probably the best that I have had in Los Angeles. (YMMV)

      3. you really cannot compare newport seafood's lobster with macau street's crab. they are on 2 separate playing fields. the macua street crab is really DEEP fried. so deep fried that u could easily accidentally eat the shell. there is not much crab meat. the seasoning is interesting but u cant eat too much of the crab.

        newport seafood's lobster on the hand.....WOW...the lobster meat is so fresh and succulent with that AMAZING sauce. I could eat just that house sauce with rice because its so good. I would suggest u stick to good ole faithful.

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        1. re: olivexjina

          Totally concur.

          Nothing against Macau Street, but their crab is frozen and most of the seafood items you will get at Sea Harbour is out of the tank "watch your fingers cuz they'll get pinched by the claws" fresh.

          Both have their virtues but comparing them would really be inappropriate. Sort of like comparing KFC fried chicken to Melisse's rotisserie chicken. Both are chicken that are cooked. But that's where the similarities end.