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Feb 24, 2007 01:31 PM

Cheap Oysters in Seattle

I am from usptate NY where it is impossible to get west coast oysters. I will be in Seattle for 5 days in mid-march. I am looking for places to get oysters that are inexpensive yet wonderful. I have searched the lists assiduously but would like an up to the minute update. I introduced my wife to oysters - and she has loved them ever since - at Brooklyn Seafood - but I will be there alone and just want to "pig out" on good raw oysters and am on a limited budget.

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  1. Swart, You could buy a good oyster knife and go to Pike Place, buy your own oysters and then shuck them in your hotel room leaving a Hunter S. Thompson size mess for the maid. Or just go to Elliott's at happy hour.

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      My shucking skills are negiligible - where is Elliott's?

      1. re: swarttav

        Elliott's is on the waterfront. Easy to walk to from downtown hotels.

    2. Are you referring to Brooklyn's, north of Harborsteps on 1st Ave and either Seneca or University ? I remember them having cheap oysters at Happy Hour with a wide variety. That is where I would go. Always had good luck at McCormick and Schmick's just down the street and enjoyed the Metroplitan Grill which is even further down towards Safeco (maybe 2nd or 4th Ave- its been a few years).

      Elliots is at 1201 Alaskan Way (link

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        It was down towards the waterfront - went there about 1999 - last time I was in Seattle. Last time I was at McCormick and Scmick it was in Philly and pricey and not very good - but it may be the sourcing of their seafood. What's the Metropolitan Grill like? Thanks for the post!

      2. Shucker's in the Fairmont Hotel (4th and Seneca) has an oyster happy hour each day. And they make great smoked oysters.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your responses!

          1. I had some incredible Penn Cove oysters today at Jack's right across from Pike Place Market. $6.99 for 1/2 dozen very fresh oysters. It's nothing fancy, just a lunch counter behind their seafood stall, but they were extremely tasty and cheap.