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Feb 24, 2007 12:55 PM

good time for oysters in toronto?

I want to take my partner out for oysters for his birthday in two weeks and he mentioned that they may be out of season around this time. I had the impression that one can get good oysters at any time of the year, so is it true that at certain times of the year, the quality of oysters or maybe the selection isn't that great?

As well, we've been to Starfish and may be looking to try Rodney's. Although from browsing people's responses on the board, it seems that Starfish garners better reviews. How does the selection and quality of oysters compare between the two? Is Rodney's less expensive?


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  1. never been to rodney's but i have been to oyster boy, they have a pretty large selection

    1. I've been to Rodney's on three occasions, though they were all over a year ago. Enjoyed every experience there - their selection of oysters was always impressive. One time I was lucky enough to be there when they had fresh scallops in, and the bartender/shucker offered my friend and I our very first live scallops. I had no idea the things beat like little hearts..

      My advice: Sit at the bar, order a bottle of white, a couple trayfuls of assorted oysters, and ignore all the crazy sauces they'll line up in front of you.

      1. I prefer Rodney's or Oysterboy. I find Starfish a hit and miss experience. One common item at Starfish i do find is sevice with lots of attitude. For some unkown reason Starfish has a four star rating in Toronto Life. I wonder how much that cost them? Any way I'm still on the look out for a great oyster bar. Any suggestions

        Thank you

        1. There was an old adage that one should only eat shell fish (oysters,mussels) in a month that had an 'R' (September through April) in it, as in the summer months shellfish could be poisonous to eat. Now as most shelllfish is cultivated it is safe to eat in the summer as well. Nevertheless the best oysters to be found in this city, in my humble opinion, are at Starfish as I know that Patrick the owner prides himself of the quality of what he purveys. In particular the very best oysters (againg IMHO) out of a very wide varied selection are the Galways he imports from Ireland. They are exquisite. Also if you go and are fortunately find that the little Nova Scotian scallops on the half shell are on the menu, try some as they are a true taste sensation. Also virtually any dish you have at Starfish is commendable (far and beyond better than Rodney's) even if you are a meat eater as I took friends there not long ago and one of the party detested anything and everything from the sea and ordered the steak frites and declared it the best he had ever had. `````

          1. I've been going to Rodney's for over 7 years now and have always had wonderful experiences. On any given night, there are close to a dozen different oysters offered on the bed as well as cherry stone clams. There is always variety as they are seasonal. The staffers are friendly and unpretentious. If you're lucky and see the Thai soup on the menu, I definitely recommend it.