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Feb 24, 2007 12:01 PM

Birthday dinner in Bucks County/NE Philly

I need a recommendation for dinner for 8. Looking for a steakhouse type place, preferably not a chain.


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  1. Steakhouses are not coming to mind in the Bucks County area. However, I heard that Chef Tell is now cooking at the Buck Hotel in Feasterville/Southampton. I haven't been since he's been there but you can probably find their menu on line and see if it's what you're interested in.

    1. This is not a steakhouse, but we very much like Moonstruck, in northeast Phila. - almost to Huntingdon Valley - on Oxford Ave., just south of Rhawn St./2nd St. Pike.
      We meet friends there often. It has a lovely ambience, very good service, and delicious food. It is divided into small rooms, and you might even be able to get one small space just for your party. It has a festive atmosphere, and is very popular. And it has a parking lot.
      You can check their menu on their website. I think it is by far the best place in the area.

      1. Here is the website for Moonstruck:
        Although there is always a prix-fixe menu, there are many good options on the regular menu and always some good specials.

        1. There are two places to consider in Central Bucks both are not chains

          Earls in Lahaska ( a steak house in the Peddler's Village shopping outlet.

          The second one is a delightful creole steakhouse in New Hope. Marsha Brown's is located in a converted church on the main street in New Hope. Good steaks, as well as some nice New Orleans style food. They have a filet, NY Strip, Ribeye, Surf and Turf, as well as a nice selection of fish. As in many steak houses, sides are large, and designed to be shared. I have had several good meals there, but honestly didn't have steak. Dining companions of mine have , and they have enjoyed them

          Neither is cheap, but does beat going to the Outback Outhouse Steak house.

          1. Hamilton Grill Room just over the river in Lambertville NJ is great. Might be a bit north for you