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Feb 24, 2007 11:45 AM

Mezzomondo in Studio City

Had a pleasant surprise last night. Tried Mezzomondo on Ventura & Whitsett in Studio City instead of our usual dependable neighborhood Italian, Spumoni.
- Mixed greens with shaved parmesan & pear salad (one order which they split for 2) was fresh & tasty.
- Handmade three-color fettucini with prawns & alfredo sauce. Very nice dish. Prawns were delicious & juicy without too much garlic. I personally like my pasta a little more al dente, but it was still very well-prepared.
- Risotto con nero. This is squid-ink risotto, one of our favorite dishes. I have to say this was as good if not better than the version we had at Drago, primarily because it's a fisherman's dish, so it's better when it's bold and a little salty.
- Tiramisu dessert, creamy and sweet.
- Great espresso with wonderfully thick crema and biscotti.

All for around $55. Nice surprise. How come this place doesn't get more props on this board??

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  1. I think there was a post about it a week ago or so. Having read that review and yours, I'm thinking about it. I drive by it about a thousand times a week, and I didn't even know it was there. Not enough marketing perhaps.

    1. I've bee singing praise for Mezzomondo for years on this board. It has never disappointed. You might be right that they don't do enough marketing; however, they've developed enough of a regular clientele, including local celebs, that being a bit off the radar might actually help keep people returning on a regular basis.

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        Ahhh. I loved going to Mezzomondo when I lived in SC. Great little place and terrific service.