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Feb 24, 2007 11:39 AM

Bueno Frozen Green Chili?

Does anybody know if there's a store in the Bay Area that has Bueno Frozen Green Chili? I see from other posts that it is available in the LA and Ft Worth areas. I tried calling my local Albertsons and Whole Foods without success. One can order direct from Bueno but the shipping is pretty expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Last summer we ordered in about 90 lbs of fresh green from Hatch. Mmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm!!

    Would love to find a local source for Bueno frozen.

    1. I've been looking for years. No luck. Albertson's in Anaheim had it last summer, but no luck in Northern California so far that I know of. I'd really appreciate any information that it can be found up here.

      1. In desperation I called the Wal-Mart Supercenter out in Stockton. They have Albuquerque Tortilla Company's Roasted Chopped Green Chile! A bit of a drive but worth it!! I also emailed Bueno but haven't heard back.

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          An update on the Stockton Super Wal-Mart. They no longer carry frozen Green. They do though have 505 chopped green chile in a jar (http://www.505chile.com/roastedgreenc...) . I'm not sure if 505 can be found around town but I wouldn't be surprised (their website says a store in Pacifica sells their products, I will find out). It's not too bad, it has lime juice in it so it has that tangy taste that canned Hatch brand chile has but 505 has a real nice heat to it which Hatch does not. I will be headed back to Albuquerque in December so hopefully I can smuggle some real stuff back on the plane.

        2. Bueno sent me a very nice reply (below). In short, they don't distribute in Northern CA. Maybe we could get a bunch of people together and get a store to order some of their new "Autumn Roast". It sounds so good!!!

          Bueno's reply follows:
          We currently do not distribute to San Francisco, CA or surrounding areas at
          this time, but if you let your local store manager know your interest in
          these products, it would certainly help. Hearing from direct consumers
          goes a long way in the eyes of the store manager/buyer. In the short
          run, they may even be able to order the product for you from their
          Warehouse if you happen to shop at a store such as Albertsons, etc.
          that has a warehousing program in place. Together, hopefully in the
          future we can get the product into your region. We're working on it!