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Feb 24, 2007 10:01 AM

Korean Fried Chicken

The times had an article a few weeks ago about amazing fried chicken in Korean restaurants. However, they didn't say the name of the restaurant--they just said it was in Ktown and somewhere in Queens. Does anyone know where to get it?


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  1. Here are the locations:

    BON CHON CHICKEN 314 Fifth Avenue (32nd Street), second floor, (212) 221-2222; and 157-18 Northern Boulevard (157th Street), Queens, (718) 321-3818.

    BON BON CHICKEN 98 Chambers Street (Church Street), (212) 227-2375, opening in March.

    UNIDENTIFIED FLYING CHICKENS 71-22 Roosevelt Avenue (71st Street), Queens, (718) 205-6662.

    Here is a link to the article from the NY Times:

    Let me know...I am dying to try it myself...

    1. You might also check out this link right below on UFO/UFC on Roosevelt Avenue.

      1. I live way too far from here, where can I find a Korean Fried Chicken Recipe?

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          We hit Unidentified flying chickens a couple of weeks ago. It is RIGHT by the subway, so it really isn't too bad if you are in brooklyn or the city...Seems like Bon Bon chicken is in the city...Unless of course you are not able to leave brooklyn for some reason!!!

          FYI--it was really good. We had the soy garlic and the sweet and spicy.

          However, they said it would take 15-20 minutes, and it actually took over 45 minutes to get our food, which is WAY too long IMO.

        2. I tried Bon Chon Chicken out on Northern Blvd, and it was really good! I think I had the soy-flavored kind. They serve it with pickled daikon radishes and some potato salad. It's quite light and tasty, and you don't feel all weighed down by grease afterward.

          1. The KTown restaurant is Restaurant Forte Baden Baden

            28 West 32nd Street, second floor; Koreatown; (212) 714-2266.

            It was reviewed by the Times last September.