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Feb 24, 2007 09:57 AM

Almondine bread?

so, after hearing the bread guy on NPR (and seeing him on conan the night before) recommend ALMONDINE in dumbo for really welldone bread in NYC i really want to go. anyone know much about almondine. their website looks great. i would really love to have a good baguette. i never buy baguettes. ever. inevitably they are horrible. the only good ones i have had (keep in mind, i only went to paris once, and wasnt really into food then) were the ones we made at culinary school. they were beautiful, everything that a baguette should. amazingly fragrant, beautiful and irregular crumb structure just begging to be devoured. amazing. i have since tried just a few here and there in the well-known NYC bread shops and have never been impressed.
keep in mind, i think theres tons of really good breadin NYC (Lahey at the real sullivan street in hell's kitchen is great - our best prolly) but not in the way of baguettes is all. oh, wait a minute, i just remember that i heard a while back that though you might find it hard to believe, pan la quetitidien had a good one...

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  1. ALMONDINE has the best baguette in NYC. In fact,the best I have tasted outside of France. You just have to get there early, because the secret is out, and they always sell out.

    Their other breads, and their desserts are excellent, too.

    1. Bread needs to be fresh. The fresher and less exposed a bread is [to the elements], the better it's going to taste, IMO. This is another reason to go to Almondine EARLY! Get it home asap and consume it.

      Steven Kaplan takes bread very seriously. This segment is as educational as it is funny.
      Have a look for yourself, enjoy --->

        1. well, soundslike i really need to get there.

          1. New York magazine did an article last year on the best baguette in town. They rated I believe 7. Almondine was amongst them as well as Sullivan street bakery I cannot remember who fared better.

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              wow, i didnt even think sullivan produced a baguette at all.