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Feb 24, 2007 09:21 AM

End stage lymphoma and looking for fresh cherries

My brother in law is in the end stages of lymphoma and wants fresh cherries. Does anyone know any place I can order them? I've googled high and low but no luck.

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  1. Where do you live? Unless it is somewhere very remote, you may be able to find fresh cherries in any well stocked large supermarket or in a high end grocer, even this time of year.
    They will probably cost alot, but in this case, I am sure that is not important. I am always amazed at the fresh fruits that turn up here in upstate NY in winter.

    If you do live somewhere remote, I would suggest contacting the produce manager of the nearest supermarket chain, or even emailing Whole Foods, or Wild Oats or one of those.
    Good luck in your search - I hope you can offer him this simple pleasure.

    1. There's a place in Sunnyvale CA called Olsen's cherries that does mail order. I couldn't find their website, but while I was looking for it I found, ships fresh cherries, 3 lbs for about $55.

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        The problem you had in searching for Olson's is the spelling. Here is a link to their website. They have the best cherries I can find and this is a fruit growing part of California.

      2. Thanks. Unfortunately, they have a July 2007 ship date, which is too far out.

        1. The southern hemisphere (world) season is just ending - you may still be able to find them at a very upscale grocery. I live in southern California and have bought them from Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and Trader Joe's, too, but I haven't seen them in the last two weeks.

          1. Someone local should be able to special order you a flat of cherries, tell them what size cherries you want (they measure in rows, 9 or 10 row are gigantic, that's what I get). If not from Calif, then South American. I'd guess 10 lbs, $100 max? Tell them why and I'm sure they won't overcharge. I hope they're available.