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Feb 24, 2007 09:18 AM

Dinner tonight in San Francisco

My wife and I want to go to a nice dinner tonight in SF and we have not made a reservation... any suggestions for someplace on the north half of SF? We'd like to hit a relatively well regarded place. We're willing to sit at the bar and eat.

The trick is my wife is quasi vegetarian but it eats fish while I like "american."

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  1. "North half" is kind of vague...can you be more specific? Off the bat, I'd say Zuni or Boulevard, but you'd need to get there early on such short notice with no reservation.

      1. Anjou - near Union Square

        1. If by "north half" you mean marina/cow hollow/russian hill, here are a few suggestions on places where you can walk in and the wait won't be unbearable:
          Street, Tablespoon, Luella
          Or if you want a reservation how about doing a quick search on Open Table?

          1. Again, per the North Half request, I would recommend A16 for not only the food, but you can usually get in as a two rather easily. You can find more info here:

            Whatever you do, be sure to write about where you went!