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Feb 24, 2007 09:11 AM

Where to buy 'new crop' rice?

From a top on rice a poster wrote ...

"right now it is "new crop" season. If you go to asian markets, look for the bags with the "new crop" stickers. The rice is so much better when it is "new crop." Many asians stock up at this time of year."

Ok, I know the answer is any Asian market, 99 Ranch, etc ... who knows ... even Berkely Bowl.

But really, has anyone actually seen this rice locally? Is the sticker in English? Is the sticker a particular color? Is there one brand that is better than another?

And more important ... Does it come in small packges, like a pound or so? Or is it only in big sacks? Do other markets sell it like Indian or other Mid-Eastern? If so, which markets have you seen it?

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  1. I just bought a 5-lb bag of "new crop sushi rice," Kokuho Rose brand, at Kukje, the Korean market on Junipero Serra in Daly City. The words "new crop sushi rice" are printed right onto the bag -- it's not a sticker. I think I see this brand with that label at all times of year, so perhaps it's not the seasonal thing you're looking for. I don't know if it comes in smaller sizes. At any rate, it's my regular brand of rice, and it cooks perfectly every time -- shiny and sticky -- in my rice cooker.

    1. The California rice harvest is in the fall, not the winter. September's the peak.

      "New crop rice, the name designate for Anson Mills Carolina Gold, refers to rice that is milled and cooked within four months of harvest."

      So February's just at the end of new-crop rice season.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Kokuho Rose is a California brand, and your post inspired me to look more closely at the package. It's stamped as Nov 06 new crop.

      2. Here's an old post from Thi Nguyen listing some brands.

        In the last month or two, I seen bags and posters promoting new crop jasmine rice at Ranch 99 and Marina markets in the area with 2007 labels on them.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks Melanie & Robert.

          I guess I'm too late and I didn't catch it "before the flavor fades". Will keep it in mind for next year and have noted those brands.

          Speaking of which ... has anyone tried the new organic rice vendor at Ferry Plaza ... Massa Organics?

          Nice touch of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market placing the stand next to the Gandhi statue.

          Does anyone else sell their rice? I know the website mentions some Chico markets, but they also just mention they sell at farmers markets and not which markets. Besides, websites aren't always up to date.

          Really interesting and lovely house that they built and live in made of baled rice straw. You'd never know to look at it.

          1. re: rworange

            "Before the favor fades": the best tasting rice is just hulled not milled. Rice is milled to stabilize it for storage but milling removes the germ, the bran layer, most of the bran oil and the true flavor. Paddy (unmilled) rice is stable in storage but once it is hulled the process draws the oil up to the bran layer and the rice quickly goes rancid unless it is immediately (a day or two) consumed, frozen, parboiled or milled. In Japan, I understand the housewife buys rice at the neighborhood store, has it hulled and takes it home to cook. Hulled rice has outstanding flavor.

        2. MOM has them last week. As you face the wall of rice, it's on the far left.

          1. Don't know about "New Rice", but, as I am somewhat proficient with cajun dishes, this is the best rice I've ever eaten. Made in Louisiana, for cajuns, and cajun cuisine.