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Feb 24, 2007 08:31 AM

Yamato- Review

We went to Yamato based on a few reviews on CH.
In the past I have taken groups to Bennihana for teppanyaki but I thought I would make a change this year.
It was a good decision.
Our whole group had the Imperial teppanyaki, which is beef tenderloin, shrimp and chicken. The meal starts with a miso soup followed by salad with house dressing.
Then out come the chefs. We had three different chefs. Two were outstanding and one was just OK. He was good while at the table but he rushed through things so fast that he was done in half the time of the other two.

The food was as good if not better than Bennihana, allowing for the fact that you are never going for fine dining at a teppan restaurant, and the show was definitely as good or better.

Our meal at Yamato with a half bottle of wine per person cost considerably less than the equivalent meal at Bennihana with a glass of wine.

I highly recommend this place.

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  1. Man...sounds like you have been dining out like crazy lately!

    1. My annual trip to the big city. I like to break the bank on good food and wine.
      I have a few more reviews to go.

      1. Does Yamato have similar 'circus moves' with cooking? I'd personally just prefer to have a typical Japanese dinner but some of my good friends will touch no other Japanese style of cooking except Benihana.

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          You mean like juggling the ingredients and flipping the knifes etc? I think in North America that is de rigeur for teppanyaki; they do that at Yamato. I think that's what hhost meant by saying "the show".

          1. re: Teep

            Haha yes. I do have a guilty pleasure in seeing the little onion volcano (did anyone see that episode of The Office? Awesome.)

            I guess bringing them away from a big chain is a first step... Did anyone try the lobster?

            1. re: artificialard

              saw the office and was so estatic when they made the onion volcano that i actually taped it.
              my yamato experience was fantastic. price was decent, portions were smaller than i had expected, but i was satisfied in the end, not bloating full. our chef was totally fun and the entire staff greeted us as we came in and as we left. oh and they are ALL Japanese.
              two thumbs up.

              1. re: gra

                yamato was the first sushi place i went to in toronto, with a wealthy friend who took me. i tried the kobe beef (although i imagine its not really kobe?) even though i was a veggie at the time. loved the edamame, fried rice (frist time eating it with chopsticks!), and got me hooked on sushi pizza. Also the first time trying sake. brings back fond memories of first food expirences for a small town girl.

                thought the onion volcano was great too. the guy who took me knew the owners and we got treated like royalty.

        2. The original comment has been removed