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Feb 24, 2007 08:29 AM

Wedding cake flavor

what's an overall popular flavor that jives well with most people? i personally love cakes soaked with rum or wine, but weddings are prob. not the places to indulge this preference.

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  1. mine actually had a tiamisu flavor cream filling- it was sooooo good & many people asked about it

    1. i adore tiramisu myself and yes, it's definitely a crowd pleaser . . .

      1. We had a marzipan flavored cake. I had chocolate sauce on the side to make the choco-philes happy.

        1. Assuming you want something a little bit different but still a crowd-pleaser, I'd go with a chai-flavoured cake.

          I'd stay away from nuts of any kind (including coconut) because of allergies, and from alcohol because people worry about their kids having it.

          1. I think lemon is good. You can call it "Meyer Lemon" if you want it to be trendy. :)