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Wedding cake flavor

what's an overall popular flavor that jives well with most people? i personally love cakes soaked with rum or wine, but weddings are prob. not the places to indulge this preference.

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  1. mine actually had a tiamisu flavor cream filling- it was sooooo good & many people asked about it

    1. i adore tiramisu myself and yes, it's definitely a crowd pleaser . . .

      1. We had a marzipan flavored cake. I had chocolate sauce on the side to make the choco-philes happy.

        1. Assuming you want something a little bit different but still a crowd-pleaser, I'd go with a chai-flavoured cake.

          I'd stay away from nuts of any kind (including coconut) because of allergies, and from alcohol because people worry about their kids having it.

          1. I think lemon is good. You can call it "Meyer Lemon" if you want it to be trendy. :)

            1. I had 2 layers of lemon cake with raspberry preserves and 2 layers with chocolate cake with the raspberry preserves.

              1. People surprisingly enjoy a white cake w/ passionfruit filling... that flavor wasn't in the plan for my wedding but that was a flavor that we chose. A friend of mine who is getting married this year is having that flavor as well-nor was it planned.

                Other flavors to consider: tiramisu, coconut, red velvet...

                1. My mom's second wedding featured an unassuming cake (flavor-wise but decorated phenomenally) that turned out to be so fantastic we couldn't wait for the one year anniversary to defrost that top tier... It was a white chocolate cake with a raspberry filling, buttercream and white chocolate fondant.

                  My dad's second wedding they did different flavored tiers, which was pleasing to all the various palates... one was a vanilla w/ a guava filling; one was a double chocolate for DOD, one carrot cake, and one lemon IIRC

                  1. zuppa englese--sponge cake with rum,chocolate and vanilla custard layers and whipped cream--out a sight

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                      Thanks to all for suggestions! Marlie202- zuppa englese sounds amazing!

                    2. For a fall wedding- Carrot Cake
                      For a spring or summer wedding - White Cake with Strawberry Filling
                      For a winter - Chocolate

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                        A friend is having a fall wedding and chose carrot

                      2. We chose an orange spice cake for our wedding. Lots of compliments because it was different from the typical chocolate or white cake with raspberry filling featured at too many weddings to count. I even liked it and I'm not a huge fan of commercially-prepared cakes.

                        1. if you can, try to do two different flavors so that way your guests will be able to enjoy.. mine was a very large layer of lemon with raspberry vanilla cream and the other two smaller layers were chocolate with chocolate ganache.... knowing how much many of our guests love chocolate, but being able to provide another flavor was well (which was my favorite)

                          1. A lot of people don't like lemon cake or carrot cake, suggested above, so I would stay away from those. Personally, I think that chocolate is a good bet--everyone loves chocolate. My wedding cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, and white chocolate frosting, and it was really good.

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                              I have to disagree that "everyone love chocolate"-- there are few in my family that can tolerate it...

                            2. I definitely think providing a choice of flavors is the safest bet . . .