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Feb 24, 2007 07:38 AM

Thoughts on Eagle Diner, Brighton

My husband is a burger fan so we're heading off to Eagle tonight to check it out. Is it worth the trip or does it get all of its attention because of the monsterous $50 burger gimmick? I don't do burgers and would appreciate reviews and recs on other menu items. Was pleased to see they serve breakfast all day which is more my taste at a place like this. Thanks!

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  1. First, you order at the register. Then you can sit and they'll call your number . . . but the place can be busy on weekends. Make sure to tell them how you want your food cooked or the burger may be cooked to medium well. You also need to tell the person what you want on your food: lettuce, tomato, if you don't want cheese, etc. The 1/2 pound burger is very good (and comes with fries for $7.25). The one above that is 1 pound (with 4 slices of cheese and 1 pound of fries) and you get a button if you eat that sucker. I'm not a fan of their fries but their specialty fries - cheese fries, etc. - are excellent and very, very filling. Covered in cheese. The breakfast stuff is also very good. I've never had the guts to order the 1 pound hot dog. Most of their food is good quality. The burgers and similar items, for example, are cooked on a tilted grill not a griddle - meaning they have a slight char.

    1. Do you folks mean Eagle's Deli in Cleveland Circle? I always figured that would be a nasty dump that survives off of undiscriminating BC kids, like Mary Ann's.

      1. Thanks so much lergnom! You covered all the bases with your review. Hubby is eying the 1lb sucker but I'm lobbying for moderation and the 1/2lb option you mentioned. And yes, MC, it's the place across from BC. It's often featured in local interest stories on TV and in print and I've seen it on Chronicle. Your concerns were (are) also mine, and that prompted my call for help from the Hounds and as always, it was worth the post!

        1. Eagles used to be OK before the employees there took on a higher-than-thou attitude as if they have keep the fanatical masses at bay.

          Before, it was just a BC/Cleveland Circle neighborhood greasy spoon.

          1. I eat there every few weeks and never see any attitude. The place can be busy, especially weekend lunch.