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Feb 24, 2007 07:10 AM

Anything worthwhile near Target in Garden City?

We are meeting friends for a movie at the Loew's near Target; any place good around there for dinner? I know there is a lot of so-so mall food, but I'm not aware of anything worthwhile.

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  1. for a nice dinner, cloth tablecloths and napkins,etc., try West End Cafe on Glen Cove Road. For tolerable Thai, Lemon Leaf Cafe on Old Country Road. For BBQ that is chain-oriented and gets mixed reviews, there's Dave's across from Target. That's all that comes quickly to mind....I wish there were better options.

    1. piccola bussola (sp?) on old country rd for really good family style italian. good sushi bufett called menado (sp?) on glen cove rd, right near west end cafe (luv west end)

      1. We too love West End...those home made potato chips on the bar are addictive!

        1. Next time you're in the neighborhood, try Pollo el Paisa, a little further east on Old Country Road. Colombian roasted chicken, and lots of other fresh, home-made type goodies.