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Feb 24, 2007 06:52 AM

Best Bowl of Soup I've eaten this year

The butternut squash bisque at Stephan Pyles is absolutely unbelievable. Perfect consistency and it comes with a lobster dumpling and has a pool pomegranate foam around the bowl. Sounds a little quirky but works perfectly. I've had it twice now and could've ordered seconds on both occasions.

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  1. I agree that it is quite delicious! Ever had the Champagne Brie Soup at St. Martin's? It is delicious as well....

    1. My favorite soup in DFW is the crab corn chowder from Trulucks (only the McKinney Ave location). It's spectacular.

      1. I just had the Champagne Brie Soup at St. Martin's this weekend. I had heard so many raves about it that maybe my expectations were too high. Yes, it was very creamy and rich. But it didn't really have any depth or bite that I thought the champagne would provide. In fact, I didn't notice any of the complex brie taste either. Just a very nice heavy cream soup -- ended up dipping my bread in it but couldn't finish it.

        1. Sounds awesome. For something less creative but very nice, try Daddy Jack's (I've only been to the Sundance Square location) for lobster bisque or clam chowder. The bisque is really over the top with cream, but it's got a great flavor of lobster and the ocean too, and it's an amazing bargain, $5 the last time I was there for lunch, a dollar more at dinner. Get a bowl to go and you don't need anything else to eat for about eight hours.