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Feb 24, 2007 06:30 AM

Rocco's for cannoli?

So how about it chows? Is this the best place to grab a great cannoli?

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  1. It's my favorite Italian dessert place in Manhattan. I'm not a big cannoli eater, so I can't make a taste test comparison.

      1. I get cannoli and Italian pastries at Veniero's. Have not tried Rocco's.

        1. I am not a pastry fan or cannoli fan for that matter...BUT rocco's is my exception...they have, by far, the best canoli I have ever tasted. They make their on cream and fill it on the spot....delish

          1. The cannoli at Rocco's are in a league by themselves. Like a previous poster, I am not a big fan of cannoli in general, but Rocco's cannoli are a cut above. On the few occassions I brought them to parties, they were promptly devoured. They come in standard size and mini at Rocco's and are made to order.