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Feb 24, 2007 05:40 AM

Rib Tip, H St Corridor, NE?

I was over near Union Station the other day looking for office space. Ended up near Cap City Market
(which I love and frequent most weekends), then drove down H St along the perpetually up-and-coming H
St Corridor.

Anyway, noticed an interesting looking restaurant called "Rib Tip". Looked like it might be soul food
or something similar.

Anyone eaten there?

(For my $$, this is the worst part of the *DC* food scene: not a lot of great hole-in-the-wall type
places, which is really too bad.)

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  1. I have not tried their Chicago style ribs yet, but I can tell you that RibTip serves a really decent old fashioned breakfast. This isn't a brunch place, and it is not open on Sundays, but the breakfast is really tasty.

    1. Rib Tip quick review and an update from the H Street neighborhood blog:

      Occasionally spotty service, but huge portions and a good deal considering some of the prices on the Hill. Come Monday, they'll be open 5:30 to 8pm. Looking forward to trying some bbq ribs and chicken. And if it's not up to snuff, there's always Horace & Dickies across the street. One of the better holes-in-the-wall.

      1. Rip Tip update:

        Stopped by Horace & Dickies for a fish sandwich for lunch when I spotted the line. About 12 people out the door, in 30-degree weather, so I crossed the street to the Rib Tip, which was empty. I guess it's a Lent thing. Anyway, I ordered the large rib tips with fries ($6.50) and a Pepsi. You can also order a small or medium, but I was hungry. With tax, came to $8.25. What I got were about a dozen meaty 2" pieces of slow-cooked rib tips, a side of steak fries doused in a kind of cajun salt (think 5 Guys spicy fries), and two slices of white bread. The rib tips had a generous fat cap on them and, combined with the cartilage, kept the meat pretty moist. I ordered the mild, not spicy sauce. This is that peculiar brand of DC bbq sauce that's sweet like Kansas City sauce but thin and vinegary like Carolina sauce. I thought it tasted like a tangier version of the mambo sauce you get with fried chicken wings at the chinese carryouts downtown. I left quite full.

        Spoke with the owner, a nice old gentleman, who said he marinades the tips overnight then slow roasts them in a gas cooker and finishes them on the grill as they're ordered. This isn't standard charcoal/wood smoke bbq by any means, but they're tasty nonetheless. Certainly better than the gristly beef ribs I had at Kenny's BBQ up the street. Don't know if it's worth the side trip, but if you're in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market and looking for something different, you may want to check them out. Definitely a good addition to the H Street neighborhood. Will definitely be back.

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Monkey, I've been wondering this for quite some time, and since you brought them any chance, do you know if the Kenny's BBQ there is owned by the same folks who had Kenny's BBQ in Mount Pleasant many years ago?

          The Mount Pleasant Kenny's BBQ was not half bad...

        2. Ok, breakfast, Ok!
          Chicke Wings ^ Fries, Ok
          Hot Links, Ok!
          Ribs and Rib Tips: They suck!!!!!
          Too tough, too strange in taste, no taste, unseasoned crap.
          Stick to breakfast, hot links, other stuff.
          Or try the BBQ place at 2XX RI ave NW. Next to the BP Gas station.
          Great Old Fashioned Ham Sandwich's!!!!