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Feb 24, 2007 04:28 AM

Birmingham / Hoover - salad, breakfast, Greek - Today/Tomorrow/Monday

Hiya Hounds!

My wife and I are relocating to Birmingham and are going to be up here through Monday afternoon. We ate at Milo's yesterday (good burgers) and La Dolce Vita last night (good Italian, seemed like nice ambiance, but we did take-out).

We are staying at the Courtyard by Marriott in Hoover (1824 Montgomery Hwy South). And we will probably be hanging out at The Summit, since that is where my wife is going to be working. Any suggestions for stuff near where we'll be (any genre) is great---we prefer NOT ultra expensive, and we prefer no national chains.

ALSO, we are willing to drive anywhere for a killer salad, and anywhere for a dynamite breakfast, no cost limitations there. And is the Purple Onion best for Greek? Or will any Greek do?


PS---If you have suggestions for apartment complexes for us to look at, please contact me off board (preferably a complex close to The Summit, but quality is most important).

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  1. For truly great greek, go to Nabeel's in Homewood. They have a huge variety and there's an attached market. The Purple Onion is good, but I consider it fast food.

    The Tavern at the Summit (the one on the upper level not the one down by Sak's) has great prime rib! It has a good vibe as well.

    1. Purple Onion is mostly drunken late night food. Golden City, very good chinese/japanese, is on 280 and down the street from The Summit, past Target and across the street from Bahama Breeze.

      The other Birmingham threads cover most of the high end eateries in the 'Ham.

      Where are you relocating from? Enjoy Birmingham and go see Vulcan and the Civil Rights Institute.

      1. The original comment has been removed

          Trip was good, unfortunately did not get a chance to try your suggestions, but we will once we move there for sure.

          Here were our chow encounters:

          Longhorn steakhouse near the Atlanta airport, disappointing of course, but we were in the mood for Steak, and it was the closest thing.

          Edgar's Bakery in Hoover. Toni had the cinammon roll which she loved, and I had a bagel which was fine.

          We ate at one of the Milo's, hit the spot! (The fries were a bit too salty, but we loved the burgers).

          FRIDAY NIGHT
          La Dolce Vita in Hoover, we split a lasagne and salad, delicious!

          Edgar's again, Toni had the cinammon roll, and I sampled the spinach quiche , which was pretty good.

          We ate at a Purple Onion, I think near UAB, Toni had 1/3 of her burger (she said it was fine, but said she regretted not seeking out a salad). I enjoyed my gyro and we split onion rings.

          We split the Pear and gorgonzola pizza with side salad from California Pizza Kitchen, a reliable dish.

          We ate at Klinger's, I think it was in Vestavia Hills? Excellent breakfast of waffles and pancakes (I will get the potato pancakes next time), and of course, smoked bratwurst.

          Spaghetti and meatballs from Johnny Carino's, disappointing as most chains are. (La Dolce Vita was closed, so we couldn't go there.)

          Edgar's Bakery, the one near the Summit. Toni stuck with the cinammon roll, I had a roast beef sandwich, not bad.

          Cracker Barrel somewhere in Eastern Alabama. I had a chocolate milk shake (adequate), and Toni just had a few country sides.

          PS---We are relocating from Orlando, Florida, and we will be living in Vestavia Hills.

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            I'm so glad you guys like Milo's. That's quite the burger institution around here. People are fiercely loyal to it. I'm don't LOVE the fries, but the burgers & tea . . . outasight!!
            The older part of Vestavia doesn't have a ton to choose from, but it's close enough to Hoover to compensate for that fact. I've not yet eaten there, but I hear that Local at the Vestavia City Center is wonderful! It's really the only fine dining in Vestavia proper. Sol Azteca is a very good Mexican restaurant in that area. On the "newer side" of Vestavia is the Summit/280 area which is chock full of every chain imaginable. Looks like you hit a couple during your stay. Most are good. There aren't any of what I consider a 5 star restaurants though. Superior Grill is good for Mexican. Golden City is really good for Chinese. Add and to your favorites. They will definitely come in handy.