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Hey Hounds,

I bought a wonderful baking book called Baking with Passion from a London place called Baker & Spice.

All the temperatures and quantities are metric, of course.

Even though I'm Eurotrash and should know this, I have forgotten all my celsius and grammes measurements.

Does anyone have a favorite conversions website to recommend?


- Sean

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    1. Excellent, Gio.


      - Sean

      1. I'm lazy and let google do it

        for example

        150 degrees celsius in fahrenheit (it automagically completes most of this)
        300 grams in ounces

        1. I had no idea. Just tried it and it works. Thank you.

          - Sean

            1. -----

              I use KoalaCalc, myself but it is a Macintosh app. No need for me to go online unless explaining something to someone else.



              1. 28 grams in an ounce
                2.2llbs in a kilo
                580mls is a pint

                that works for most things

                1. Before I got my kitchen scale, I used this site: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/cookingc...

                  It's food-specific, which means you select the food and additional relevant details (ie brown or white sugar, etc), and then get a conversion. I've generally found it to be fairly reliable, although sometimes I find the categories a little confusing.

                  - Lea