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Feb 24, 2007 04:13 AM

King Arthur waffles - best I've ever made

Wow. I've tried lots of recipes - my grandmother's, CI, raised waffles from Epi, and this one outshines them all.

I felt weird leaving buttermilk out on the counter all night, but it rose beautifully and made wonderful, light, crisp waffles. I recommend it highly!

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  1. King Arthur is the best!
    I wish I had a waffle iron.

    1. Was it a recipe from a KA book? Or a mix they sell?

      The link doesn't appear to work.

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      1. re: dotMac

        Just go the website, click under recipes and you'll see a list for pancakes and waffles. The link didn't work, but I did that and found it. Love waffles, can't wait to try it.

      2. A recipe. I couldn't get it until I cleared out extraneous cookies and the browser's cache. The title is "Sourdough Waffles for Four" if you just want to look it up in their recipes' section.