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Feb 24, 2007 02:39 AM

Any One Ever Eat At Stoney Point

A place with a view in the Eagle Rock/Pasadena border?

Don't be shy.

The local seems so hot, it the food any good?

Love to All!


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  1. Have friends who work down the street at Kaiser HQ - they go for lunch only occasionally - unless it's a new chef,said the food was very mediocre - old school atmosphere.
    (The Kitchen is only a few doors down - great take-out/catering spot.)

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      ditto...last time I went there was early 90's...felt and tasted like the 80's, and guessing it still does.

      BTB, Peggy Rahn @ The Kitchen also does excellent catering!

      1. Stoney Point has a great vibe... good piano player in the bar that you can hear throughout the restaurant, nice lighting, usually very good service, old school east coast italian american vibe... food is always good if not great, hadn't been for appx. 2 years, but recently took the wife there for valentines day and the food was actually quite good. Decent wine list. There is no view however.

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          1. Went once ( 2 years or so ago) 'cuz I was told it was THE place for clam chowder. I would never go back. The clam chowder at Soup Plantation is far better and you get the salad bar to go with it! Stoney Point is also $$$. Old School and maybe had its' day but, IMO no more.