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Feb 24, 2007 02:17 AM

Quick Batifole Comments

After reading all the grear reviews, I tried Batifole. Perhaps it was the high expectation, but I found the food good but hardly extraordinary. I had cassoulet, which was disappointing. It was OK, but hardly the best I've had even in Toronto. It was very plain with no richness and looked like the beans had been cooked separately and sausage and duck thrown on top just before serving. It was also very thin and dry compared to other cassoulets that I've had. I'd also say that it was wildly overpriced at $24.

I was also not impressed with the way they marked up their wines to about triple the LCBO price. I realize this is not extraordinary by Toronto standards, but it still seemed excessive.

I'll stick to La Paradis in the future.

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  1. Where's your favourite cassoulet?

    1. Thuet has an excellent one and is worth checking out. In regards to Batifole above I have learnt that the best thing to stick to when going there are the daily specials for consistently good results ot the simple items on the menu such as the liver or entrecote. I had dinner there earlier this week and the special was a veal flank steak in a green peppercorn sauce ($16.00) and it was superb. My guest and I shared an order of very good frites ($6) to accompany (they are huge) and had a wonderful appetizer (all are $8.00) of endive salad and terrine and charcuterie. We ordered Kronenbourg beers ($5.50) as we agreed their wines are overpriced and the selection underwhelming.