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Feb 23, 2007 11:33 PM

Best Place for Well-Priced Produce

I'm a transplant from California and after living here for three years I still haven't found a place with decently priced, fresh and varied produce. In the summer I go to the University farmers market but where to go the rest of the year? Please don't say Whole Foods. I love this food musuem, especially the new store on Denny, but I can't stomach paying for their produce.

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  1. Pike Place Market, Uwajimaya, Ranch 99, Central Market, Trader Joe's.

    1. Uwajimaya and Ballard Market are my favorite supermarkets for produce. The Ballard farmer's market (Sundays on Ballard Ave) often has good stuff as well and is year-round.

      Obviously, Pike Place Market gets the very best stuff, but it can be a hassle if you don't live nearby, and it definitely pays to shop around there. I frequently end up with produce from 3 or 4 different stalls when I go there because prices are so variable - Frank's is my standby for most things, and Sosios for the fancy stuff (fresh morels and fiddleheads in season, etc).

      1. Great ideas, terrier. I actually never thought of Pike Place. Thanks so much.

        1. I highly recommend MacPherson's Produce on Beacon Hill (on Columbian Way) for well-priced produce. It's a great atmosphere with a wide variety of produce set up in a covered, open-air market. They often have crazy deals, particularly in summer when fresh produce is plentiful. The one caveat is that they often furnish crazy deals by offering produce that really, truly is ripe - avocados that are at their peak today, but won't be in two days. So it's a great place to shop for the next few days, but not to stock up for a few weeks.

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            McP's is great but I agree you end up with some ripe stuff. However, you make me think that perhaps I need to stop thinking about stocking up and buying what I need for the next few days like they do in Europe.

          2. I'll second Trader Joe's and Pike Place Market. I also have decent luck at Thriftways (particulary West Seattle). Also, Tony's product stand in West Seattle is also great.