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Feb 23, 2007 10:23 PM

10th Anniversary/Places to Be in Love?

We are celebrating our 10th Ann. this Thursday, and I was wondering if there's anyplace I'm overlooking, in the LA/West L.A. area. The Bel Air Hotel & waiter Jaime are always amazing, but is any other experience you romantic chows can describe as unforgettable?
Mant thanks!

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  1. One of my most romantic meals was at Chez Mimi in Santa Monica. Not a view thing, but a nice cottage turned into a really fabulous eating spot with patios, and romantic rooms.

    s't the Grace tasting menu on Thursdays? You could have that.

    The tasting menu or regual menus at providence or Spago are also yummy.

    For Valentine's, we did a dessert tasting menu with chocolates and baked goods from our favorite places (all small bites, it adds up!)

    We find feeding each other by hand at ethiopian places on fairfax very romantic and sensual. Meals By Genet is the only one with the Anniversary Atmosphere, though, the other's aren't what I'd call rmance induceing in decor.

    My husband once had our favorite sushi chef make me a bunch of special sushi-all my favorite fish in new and different combinations with names based on me...he's no onger at the same place, and I've lost track of him (the sushi chef, not my husband)

    You could go to Sona for dinner then jaunt across the street to BOULE for chocolate.

    1. A drive up the coast and then that spectacular view at Geoffrey's?

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        ^ Seconded. I haven't eaten there for a long while and trust the food is still good, but the view *is* wonderful.