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Feb 23, 2007 08:46 PM

Best street-style tacos SD

We all know that Mama Testa has probably the best tacos in SD, but I am looking for the mini Tijuana style tacos that will (normally) run you a buck or a little over.

Nothing but cilantro and onion and a little salsa. Should have a tender, fresh tortilla.

My favorite is cabeza or adobada but I like em all (havent tried tripitas yet).

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  1. Drive to Linda Vista Blvd, on the cross street of Comstock and Linda Vista (AT NIGHT ONLY) is a catering truck that sells the most delicious street style tacos. 1.50 a piece

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    1. re: clayfu

      It's in the parking lot of Joe's 99 cent store.

      6882 Linda Vista Rd
      San Diego, CA 92111

      1. re: KirkK

        Right, what Kirk said.

        everyone you need to go here. thx.

          1. re: Joseph

            the earliest i've been there is 6pm, the latest is around 9:30.

            but they are only there at night soooooooo don't go in the afternoon's or you'll find an empty parking lot =).


      2. re: clayfu

        Thanks for the tip. I most likely would never have stopped there if I had not read your recommendation even though I pass by the truck nearly every night on the way home. I tried the carne asada and adobada pork tacos tonight and they were great. The guy that took my order told me that they serve nightly 6:00-11:00, though I cannot recall seeing it operating that late.

        I took mine to go, but will probably “eat in” next time to take better advantage of all the condiments offered and the funky, by way of thumping boom box and plastic lawn furniture, atmosphere. I hope they stick around a while because their offerings are superior to the nearby taco shops on Morena Blvd. and Linda Vista Rd.

      3. Lalo's on University, for tacos al pastor. They have regular size tacos as well, but I prefer the little ones, at about a buck each. Great snack.

        And of course Bety's Tacos in Encinitas.

        1. El Cuervo has a "special" (but it's been available for months or years now) of four mini-tacos for $4. I believe cabeza and lengua are options, along with the standard "el pastor" (really puerco adobado), carnitas, etc. I've gotten four different tastes on one plate, when I asked nicely.
          They are certainly worth a try. I appreciate the free roasted peppers, the trays of cucumbers and radishes, and the excellent chipotle salsa (tomatillo is also good).

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          1. re: Joseph

            I like El Cuervo. For what it is and what it does, it does most things pretty well and for a fair price.

              1. re: kare_raisu

                Get thee to Google Maps:

                It's in Mission Hills or Hillcrest, depending on how you divide it, on Washington close to UCSD Medical Center.

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  On Washington, about a block from Bronx. They even have their own parking lot.

                  The carnitas burrito is pretty good - they dress it a little differently than most I've seen. They chop up the spicy carrots into a salsa w/ cilantro, onion, and jalapenos. If you're starving, the carnitas plate is good value for the money, though a ridiculous amount of food.

                2. re: DiningDiva

                  The only thing i don't really like about Cuervo's "street" tacos is the guacamole that's served on the carnitas, carne asada, etc. it has a lot of tomato in it and i really don't like tomatos. i guess i could order it without guacamole, but i like my street tacos with it so i'm out of luck. if you like tomatos it might be right up your alley. since i don't like their guac, i order their crispy shredded beef tacos. i haven't had better.

              2. Taco Motion in PB also has them.

                1. Tacos El Gordo
                  1940 Highland Ave
                  National City

                  Its a branch of the famous taco shop of the same name down in Tijuana. I certainly feel like I am in TJ when I eat there. And owners decided to literally translate the various meats they have for the tacos, so "brain" is listed on the board.

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                  1. re: lbidsfood

                    Would you say that the National City branch is better than the ones in Chula Vista on H St and also the one on Palomar?