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Feb 23, 2007 08:20 PM

Threatening food

When is offal(AKA guts/lungs/head), wacky ingredients and, a challenging menu too much?

I recently did a special offal dinner at Incanto and waded through it, but came home hungry and a little sick. I wanted to be enthusiastic but just didn't care for most of the flavors.

I wonder about this because of the level of discussion on this board. Some people, I think, are basing reviews on pure food taste and others are basing the review on the experience and/or a specific food "expectation."

I tend to look at overall experience, quality and what I "believe" is authentic here in the bay area. Am I off? What do you look for?

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  1. I posted about that meal here:

    I suspect that the portions reflected the chef's familiarity with my abnormally capacious appetite. I ate everything except part of the lamb's brain and tongue, finished everybody else's sweetbreads, and at the end felt pleasantly full but not overstuffed.

    My taste for offal is definitely an acquired one, developed over the years as I've had the opportunity to taste various odd bits cooked really well. E.g. I wasn't big on tripe until I had andouillette in Paris.

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      It's strange how we (read "I") develop tastes and aversions for certain things. I think brains are disgusting, yet I love liver, tongue and oxtails. Can't stand kidneys but love pigs feet. I know, pigs feet aren't offal. But you get the picture.

    2. I think it's more constructive to use nurturing tones when speaking to food. Threatening food only upsets it.