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Feb 23, 2007 08:06 PM

Visiting from NYC area, where's the food?

Greetings. My So and I will be in Washington fromthe 2nd-12th, first in Walla Walla and then in Seattle. We love to explore the culinary areas when we travel, from good small diners to rare delights? What cha all recommend out there?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. LOL I know that, I am slowly eating my way through NYC...want to know what is good in Walla Walla and Seattle. We are pretty much good on anyfood. Today we had steamed crabs in Baltimore and a "Philly Cheesesteak" while driving to Virginia. I really like Asian food, but want to eat local not tourist.

      1. My favorite is Bahama Breeze. Tthe ambiance is very laid back and relaxing. Also, the have a great bartender, I order Kamikaze's and Vodka Tonic's. But the best, the food!! Everything I have ever had there was really great, with the exception of the burger, dont get me wrong it was good, but not as good as everything else. My favorites are the Chicken Santiago and the Portabella sandwhich and the rack of ribs. For desert, (they dont always have it available) But if you happen to see Pina Colada Bread pudding on the menu, try it! You will not be sorry! This restaurant is south of Seattle about 5 miles of the city center. It is in SouthCenter right off the freeway.
        Good Luck!

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          Umm, isn't this a national chain restaurant?
          I second the vietnamese food here like at Lemongrass and the sushi at a restaurant like Nishino. Also check out Salumi downtown for lunch. I would also recommend La Carta De Oaxaca in Ballard since you can't easily find authentic Mexican in New York.

        2. mrnelso posted a great response to a similar query recently:

          While here, you should make a point of eating Vietnamese food, as Seattle's restaurants really shine -- try Green Leaf, Lemongrass (on 12th and Jackson), or Tamarind Tree (at my last visit I thought its quality had diminished; it is still better, however, than what you will find at all except high-end Vietnamese restaurants in NYC). I also had a fabulous vegan noodle soup at Mai Thao at 900 S. Jackson, but need to go back and try more on the very extensive menu. It goes without saying that while here, you should also eat pho. Reasonable minds will differ on what's best. I have set a personal goal of trying every pho place in Seattle (an ambitious project); my favorite is still Pho Bac.

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            My favorite is also Pho Bac. And to clarify, it is located on Rainier and Jackson.

          2. Bahama Breeze... you've got to be kidding me. No offense, but in my book that restaurant's only a slight step up from Red Lobster and Sizzler, or the food court at the mall with which it competes for business (it's in the mall's parking lot).

            I second the Salumi suggestion, but keep in mind the line's long, there are three or four tables inside, and they're only open 11-4 Mon-Fri. The greater Seattle area has tons of terrific restaurants, though, depending on what you want. The Noodle Boat in Issaquah has the best Thai around these parts (I lived in NYC for 10 years, and Seattle Thai rarely compares). For good BBQ, you might try Steel Pig BBQ down by the Seattle Center. For Caribbean/Creole, there's Kallaloo in the Rainier Valley (Columbia City). Great views of the city can be had from the slightly more upscale Salty's on Alki (great for Sunday brunch, if you're a big eater) or Palisade. Explore the Pike Place Market for lunch. Grab a burger at Red Mill Burger (or one of the slightly more esoteric burger spots Chowhounders would be more than happy to tell you of)....have an upscale steak at Canlis or eat yourself into a coma at the Herb Farm. It all depends on what you like and what you want to spend.