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Feb 23, 2007 07:32 PM

Black And Tans... have any favorites ???

I like a good black and tan... just wondering what some of your favorites might be...

Having nothing better to do, tonight I tried mixing two exceptional brews: Alpha King IPA and Brooklyn Choc Stout....

I found the result pleasant but not a revelation.... in a strange way it sort of "flattened" out the high notes of each brew...

Have any favorites ???

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  1. Smithwick's and Guinness

    1. Black and Red- Guiness and Killians
      Black Beauty- Guiness and Champagne

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      1. re: viperlush

        Guiness and Champagne is called a Black Velvet.

      2. Curious... do you pour the tan element first or the black element, from an aesthetic point of view... or does it matter ?

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          1. i think you pour the guinness in first, let it settle a bit and then pour the other beer. the guinness should rise to the top naturally. btw, guinnes (or a sweeter oatmeal stout works well:) and hard cider is a nice combo. not really a black and tan but nice

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            1. re: ben61820

              If you're going for the authentic half and half, I thought the whole point was to layer it. Since Guinness, despite it's color, is a relatively light beer, you pour it over an inverted, bent-up spoon to keep it from mixing. Now whether you can do that as well with some other combination, I don't know.

              The other thing to note is that I always thought a half and half was Guinness and Harp (ale/lager, both Irish) until the marketing folks decided to push Bass after a corporate mega-merger put them all in the same basket.

              1. re: ted

                "Black and Tans" and "Half and Halfs" have been made in bars and bottled by brewers since before Prohibition and it's only agressive marketing by Guinness that has people thinking that the "real" ones are only Guinness/Bass or Guinness/Harp, respectively.

                Here's an label from the 1890's from some outfit in St. Louis ... half way down, (yellow diamond shape, next to a Blatz and a Lemp label) * and a Half and Half -

                Bass was never a Guinness or Diageo product- but it was, for many years, imported into the US by their subsidiary company, Guinness USA (for a time, it was actually known as Guinness-Bass Imports, or something similar). When, in the last few years, InBev came to own the Bass brand, they did not renew the contract with Guinness USA and Bass was imported by their subsidiary, Labatt USA (altho' the contract has since been awarded to A-B).

                Diageo is now bringing in it's Smithwick's brand as a substitute for Bass and promotional material now pushes it as the "correct" beer for their "official" "Black and Tan".

                * Note that the A-B label disproves the myth that Black and Tan beers have something to do with the pro-UK, anti-Republican Irish police force of the 1920's.

                1. re: JessKidden

                  interesting info!

                  i've been on a smithwick's kick myself lately.....i quite like it!

              2. re: ben61820

                I THINK the guinness and cider mix is a shandy, tho I think I have heard of them as being stout and sprite as well, eek.

                1. re: prunefeet

                  I finally remembered that one. At least the local Britpub chain calls that a "black velvet." Always thought beer and lemonade was a shandy.

                  1. re: ted

                    The faux-irish pub here calls that a Black Velveteen.

                    1. re: prunefeet

                      A shandy involves lemonade, believe it or not. When you mix stout and cider, it is usually called a Black Adder, Black Velvet, or something of that ilk.

                      And no good Irishman would ever miss an Irish beer with an English one!